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    finally took the trip to MSL

    After years of hearing about MSL on here and social media, finally took the plunge and booked cls to MSL and Torqueflow for decat, map and filters. It’s a 16 hour roundtrip from Aberdeen to Birmingham. Both Immy and Acid are a real nice bunch of guys! Happy with the work they have done and the...
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    Backbox delete yes or no?

    Has anyone had their backboxes removed/deleted? Apart from noise increase and weight saving is it good for turbo cars? Has anyone with a E63 or CLS done this before?
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    CLS63 turbo downpipes and remap with MSL

    after having the resonator delete, the next steps are turbo downpipes and remap! MSL and torqueflow booked for October and I cannot wait for the results!
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    cls63 widest tires possible?

    How wide can I go for the front and back on stock oem without any issues? stock is 255/35/19 and rear is 285/30/19 I went a few sizes up on my c63 and it hooked better, went up to 245 and 275 on the c63 and want to do the same on the cls.
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    heated seats cls63

    Hello, the heated seats on the cls63 is lukewarm at best and isnt hot at all. the lights go on when you press the button and you do feel some heat but it isnt as warm as my old c63 heated seats. is this possible covered under warranty? the car is less than 3 years old although there is only a...
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    cls63 secondary aux battery dead

    Hey guys, do you know how often these secondary aux batteries fail? just bought the car from and indi garage and a month it, its coming out with secondary aux battery malfunction. the car is 3 year old with 20k on the clock. I have a warranty cover with WMS, do you know if this would be...
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    euorcharged handheld

    I have an old eurocharged handheld with complete connectors etc. is this any use to anyone at all? or is it bespoke to your car and once you sell your car there is no further use for it? Does EC do a buyback for the handheld?
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    Cls63 facelift w219 how many left in UK

    Is there a way to find out how many cls63's there are on the road in the UK? thanks
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    Global Telemetrics Tracker cat 6

    So am getting the cls with the global telemetrics cat 6 tracker fitted to it. Has anyone ever used something similar before? I have never had one fitted to any of my cars before but as seeing as the car is insurance 50 and most insurers asking for it to be on the car I had it fitted anyway. Can...
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    Few bits

    Hello, not sure if anyone is interested or if its worth selling but here goes. pm for offers. am selling because the c63 is going and will be replaced by the cls63. 1x eurocharged handheld c/w all accessories 2 x oem front splitter- good for anyone who would like to wrap it in carbon etc 1 x...
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    YP64SDY CLS63

    Hello, I was wondering if someone would be able to run a spec sheet/design sheet from MB off a number plate? is this possible? Just wanting to see what the car came with from factory. Number plate is YP64SDY. I don't know the VIN yet. thanks
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    Hi Guys, Looking for your opinion on a potential purchase. It is from a company called GC motors in North Yorkshire, has anyone heard from them and their reputation? Due to it not being a main dealer they only supply 3 months warranty. I absolutely love the spec of this car and i think its a...
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    c63 w204 brake pads?

    Hi guys, needing my brake pads changed, what would you recommend? manage to source oem front and rear for £350 inc sensors, £200 front and £150 rears, my local indi is charging me £100 for labour. has anyone else tried TRW? or would OEM be the best bet? i dont do track days.
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    Eurocharged M156 v7 tune

    anyone had the v7 tune yet? still currently in beta but feedback has been more positive than v6. ive had the v6 for two months now and its never been spot on for me. look forward to the v7 tune, ive emailed jerry tonight hoping to get the new map, apparently theyve been able to unlock the vvt on...
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    Sunroof cable W204 C63

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me what the part numbers are for the 2 cables for the sunroof? dealer advised £50 which is reasonable but over £400 for labour. Does someone also have a manual on how to replace these? want to tackle myself thanks
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    Eurocharged V6 Map initial thoughts

    finally jumped the gun from v5 to v6. Start-up still the same i didnt request cold start delete as i love my neighbours. in manual smoother through the rev range although it occassionally hesitates. On sports plus full wot acceleration isnt working as planned it hesitates and on downshifts it...
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    paint bubbling

    does anyone have the part number for the plastic trim on alongside the front windscreen on both sides. For some reason one of them has some slight bubbling. MB have advised this isnt covered as part of the warranty or paint protection as it isnt part of the body of the vehicle and is a trim...
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    Eisenmann Exhaust C63

    Morning, I have the opportunity to obtain a reasonably priced second hand EisenMann race cat back system, just wanting to see what you think and if it is worth the purchase? I currently have reso delete and secondary cat delete. there's some conflicting info on existing c63 oem exhaust, some...
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    COMAND no sound?

    Guys, anyone ever had this issue before? My COMAND doesnt have any sound, all other functions work, sometimes it comes on and cuts out every 5-10 seconds and then it comes on again. sometimes its a hit or a miss, sound working on startup or no sound at all checked fuses and they all...
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    mercedes me app and adaptor

    Has anyone tried installing the mercedes me app on their phone and also the adaptor on their car? apparently its free from mercedes, the obd adaptor is constantly plugged into the obd port. what do you guys think of it?
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