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    W212 engineering mode, Bluetooth audio

    Assuming you have COMAND, it needs an update - speak to Cheers Richard
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    W203 - Memory seats retrofit

    As someone who talks to a rather large amount of people about retrofits, many are surprised to find that there is no spare wiring, or that when you have COMAND or Digital Cockpit additional fans are needed etc. My answers are always as follows: a) Saving $1 per car on a million cars adds up...
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    Glc 63 tires

    I'm running Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Seasons (20") on a 2018 GLC63s I had pretty much worn out Continentals (as per factory) at start of winter which were crabbing even turning out of a road onto another and just scared people nearby in car-parks when I turned. These Pirelli All seasons are...
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    Replaced Comand Unit Screen NTG2 today.

    Good job, we do quite a few. BTW, thats not NTG2. Thats a SL NTG1 unit. Being a SL (or a CL or a S class of that era) the unit its made by Siemens (and not the Becker unit used in most of the rest of the NTG1 range (E/CLS/etc)) Cheers Richard
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    Programming after a radar sensor change

    Yes it needs 'Initial Startup' doing - this will install the latest firmware and then configure the sensor for your car. The same sensor used in multiple cars so it needs coding for the GLC. You need a proper 'Online Xentry Diagnosis' system to do this and not a clone as it gets and sends...
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    change radio from bose to normal

    I'm not sure what that means, could you expand the question and also include what year your car is as at the moment it could be two different body shapes and a whole raft of mid-life facelift changes.
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    W205 Headlight,is this sealed or can bulbs be replaced

    LED control unit on headlamp probably especially if both failed together. . You need to be *really* careful if using used parts here. Part of installing a new part is to code the control unit to the headlight which you scan the barcode on the headlight which tells the control unit how much...
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    Factory DAB can be retrofitted, but as al Mercedes things its not the most cost effective thing :). Speak to R
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    CLS W219 DAB on a Budget!

    Hi > I'm not really comfortable asking them for all the information about something that is their livelihood. Thank You - that is much appreciated! So here some more info for you. The OEM DAB unit for NTG2.5 is the black rectangular one and not the aluminium one or the one that is the size of...
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    MBUX Apple Carplay and Navigation

    Its a car with MBUX. You need to pay for CarPlay on the Mercedes Me Store application and it will get enabled over the air Cheers Richard
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    E class W213 widescreen retrofit

    We've done loads. (Comand / Comand Online in Lightwater). Theres' a few big gotchas. The clusters are locked to the vehicle and special (expensive) software tools needed to virginise a used cluster. New cluster is eye-watering (we've done some of those too) Theres a fan system that *must* be...
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    W251 2013 R Class bottom half of COMAND screen is blank

    LCD failure (its a separate thing Mercedes supply as a part). Speak to they can replace the display part of the COMANDt. Dealer will tell you you need a new unit !! I'd be surprised if you found used R class NTG2.5 on eBay (rare) and they tend to have anti-theft codes and...
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    HFP Bluetooth

    That needs proper diagnosis - could be the interface, could be the cabling between, or the connector, or possibly the HFP itself. Do you know anyone else with comfort phone that you could test the HFP in ? The fact it lights up so you can pair it (you did pair it with "MB bluetooth" rather...
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    Mercedes w205 c305e anyone any idea what this is

    Thats not quite focussed/enough resolution for me to see, but it looks like electronics so now I'm curious. Does it have any part number on it, and any wires (and what colour are they) Richard
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    Headlight error after installing new LED Bulbs (w/ Decoder)

    Replace them with Osram Nightbreaker <latest> bulbs. (The keep changing the <latest> ) - correct load so the bulb failure system will be happy and significantly brighter without dazzling people if your headlights are correctly adjusted. Put them in my kids cars to replace the candles supplied...
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    The FM/AM radio is in the head-unit, not the DAB tuner. Probably another issue. We've seen a lot of 2016/2017 head units failing. They lose their flash ram and thus their configuration (so they no longer know the car has DAB or has HK etc, often map disappears) and they need replacing. R
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    On the left in the boot, its under the left boot carpet at the back and you can see the connections if you lift boot liner. They are very reliable and un-likely to break though .. R
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    Frozen radio

    You need a Mercedes specialist. The system is not ordinary-stereo-like. It is distirbuted over the car and connected via fibre optics depending what you have. If you have Harmon Kardon then changing to something different id difficult as you need an interface from the fibre optic to normal...
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    command crashing with Android auto and rattles

    The 2016 cars had rather dodgy Android Auto software in them. A firmware update may be needed. I do notice in my GLC that if something is left in a door-pocket it seems to rattle. Worst of all is the overhead sunglasses holder - makes the car sound like its about to break into pieces !!!
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    Difference between 527 Comand and 512 Comand in SL350 R231?

    Yes. There are 3 different leads you can plug in., 3.5mm AUX, USB, iPod-40-pin. It's about 2014 onward theres also a Lightning lead, or you can just use an apple 40pin->lightning converter If the leads aren't it the car, email with the VIN .. Richard
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