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    Anyone used Prestige car servicing before?

    Hi, Saw this on the internet: MERCEDES Servicing Up To 33% Cheaper Than Dealers Over 400 Branches Nationwide Has anyone used them before? Is Mobilo Life and the paint warranty affected if we used Prestige instead of...
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    Rusted wheel bolts

    Hi, I'm on onto my 3rd set of wheel bolts for my W203 C180! Has anyone used the Rust resistant bolts as mentioned by someone on this forum: Are these any good or are there better alternatives other than going back to MB? Thanks.
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    Mobilolife- Changes in term?

    Hi, We have a W203 (03) and my friend has a W203 (04). My friend got a card recently talking about Threeplus. Right at the bottom with an * next to it, it said that your car must be serviced every year at MB if you don't want to lose Mobilolife. We don't drive enough miles to warrant a...
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    20% off Michelin Tyres at Costco

    Hi, Read on another forum that there will be a 20% discount off Michelin tyres at Costco from 6th to 20th Nov. We have a W203 Classic. May I know what Michelin tyres will fit. I am not a Costco member currently but am eligible to join. Is it worth paying for Costco membership to buy...
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    Problem connecting an auto-dimming RVM for a W203

    Hi, Hope one of you who bought an auto-dimming RVM for a W203 from R2D2 recently can help. The auto-dimming RVM I got from R2D2 has an 8-pin connector. The socket in the car requires a 6-pin connector. Question: Does your W203 auto-dimming RVM come with a 8-pin connector? If so, how did...
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    Screen protector for TomTom Go

    Hi! Any recommendation for a cheap and effective Screen protector for TomTom Go and where to get it? Thanks.
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    Where to stay in Budapest?

    Thinking of going to Budapest at the end of May for a few days. Is it better to stay on the Buda or Pest side? Mainly looking for 3* hotel accommodation for 2 adults and a 3 year old kid. Does anybody know of any sights or things to do for a 3 year old kid in Budapest. Most of the things I...
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    The Best Motor Insurance Policies

    Saw the article in Full text below. ( Sorry - Formatting is a bit messed up after submission of post) The Best Motor Insurance Policies By Cliff D'Arcy (TMFCliff) April 8, 2005 Independent financial research company Defaqto has...
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    Checking for "piggy-backer" on Home wireless network

    Hi! A relative set up the wireless home network (using Netgear) for us. It works brilliantly. However, I suspect the system hasn't been configured to stop outsiders from piggy-backing onto the system. The reason I am suspicious is because I saw the wireless icon lit up on my PC and it said...
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    Need a new Air filter for W203

    Need to replace the air filter for the W203. Where is the cheapest place to buy one and does anybody have the part number and price for it? Thanks. Regards, swl
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    Do I apply for the job?

    Saw an advert for an IT job in the Independent. Wrote the cover letter, attach the CV and was about to send it off when I decided to try and find a bit more about the company on the internet. There was nothing on it in Google. Checked out the Royal Mail and QAS address system. No such company at...
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    Functional cv?

    I need to write a cv and have been told that functional instead of chronological cv is the way to go to stand any chance of it being looked at. I know some of your guys have got new jobs within the last 18 months. Did you do a functional cv? Thanks.
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    W203 C180K brake light not working

    The left handside top brake light on my W203 is not working. Should I buy the bulb from the dealer or can I get it cheaper elsewhere? Does anybody have the part number by any chance? Is it easy to change the bulb or is it a dearler's job? Thanks. Regards, swl
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    Car News: Merc boss has his Merc nicked Car News: Merc boss has his Merc nicked by Kyle Fortune, last updated November 23 2004 Jurgen Schrempp, head of DaimlerChrysler has had his £500,000 armour-plated limousine stolen. In what must be a PR nightmare for the company, parent of...
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    Mobil 1 OW-40

    We have bought two 4 litres can of Mobil 1 OW-40 to be used for the forthcoming A service. As the car (W203 C180K) only needs 5.5 litres, we were going to give the remainder to a friend who has a W203 C200 Cdi. However, I have just seen on the internet something called Mobil 1 OW-40 TD (Turbo...
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    Aldi Mobile Navigation System with Integrated GPS Receiver

    Aldi is selling the following: Mobile Navigation System with Integrated GPS Receiver £249.99. Are they any good? Is it a good alternative to the Tom Tom Go? Unpack, switch on and navigate using this up-to-date personal digital assistant, with built-in navigation software. This new...
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    8Litre of oil for W203 'A' Service?

    Display says A service due in 30 days. It is the first time the car will be serviced since we bought it from new. Reading through some of the post it has been suggested that we should supply the oil ourselves to help reduce the cost. Should we phone the dealer beforehand to tell them we are...
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    Radio Controlled Cars at Lidl

    On 8 Nov 2004, the following radio controlled cars are on sale. Are these value for money or would I be able to find them cheaper elsewhere as a Christmas present for a little boy? Choose from Porsche 911 GTI or Mercedes CLK-GTR Move left and right in both forward and reverse With...
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    Best price for Tom Tom Go?

    Hi! Is £412.98 (inclusive of Vat & delivery) the current best available price for the TomTom Go GPS Navigation Unit? I saw this on Amazon. Does anyone know if a lower price is available elsewhere? I am hoping the price might fall a bit more after Christmas. Which means trying to organise a...
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    Reflective strip

    I was walking on the pavement last night when I suddenly find 2 cyclists cycling towards me without any cycle lights. :eek: As it was raining and I was wearing a dark coloured jacket and carrying a black umbrella, they probably spotted me at the same time I saw them which was just a few feet...
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