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    Inlet manifold removal

    Not an easy task, I only had to get to my glowplugs and heres what I found on the same engine.
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    W245 B180 CDI - Starting Issue

    Looking for some advice. Just replaced all four glow plugs (nightmare!) and now having an issue with starting the car, it fired on the first turn of the key prior to the works. All cabling / connections checked and correct, it just turns over without making an attempt to actually fire. No...
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    W245 B180 CDI - Glow Plug Issue

    It was on Star hence why I said DAS, the items referenced are what's showing. I can't see all four going at the same time, I could be wrong!
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    W245 B180 CDI - Glow Plug Issue

    Not posted for a while however after being asked to look at a friends B180 looking for advice, the following is what I recorded on DAS:- 2133-004 Glow plug Cylinder 1 Open Circuit 2134-004 Glow plug Cylinder 2 Open Circuit 2135-004 Glow plug Cylinder 3 Open Circuit 2136-004 Glow plug Cylinder 4...
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    W245 Control Arm Help!

    Honestly don't know what MB have in mind when it comes to front suspension, as if the control arm issue with the W203, W204 & C207's aren't bad enough. The "assembly aid" that's being referred to is simply a piece of metal that get exposed to the road constantly, you can imagine what condition...
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    W245 Control Arm Help!

    Help! We have a 2006 W245 in the family which suffered from a snapped CV joint last week and after replacing the driveshaft we've decided to replace some of the worn suspension items. This leads to the problem! How on earth / what is used to remove the two control arm bolts securing it to the...
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    Can anyone help identify these wheels?

    Christ two of us from Coatbridge!
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    Minor Aircon Problem

    100% you will loose the refrigerant, been there done it and nearly had to replace ones underpants! It's located under the plastic covering under the bumper.
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    Comand APS Update disc W212,A207,C207

    Still for sale, can't seem to message you.
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    W204 Wiring Diagram

    I could be wrong but I would have thought the door module.
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    SAM change in a 2004 W209 CLK.

    Unless you get it hooked up to the diagnostic there is no way of knowing where to start. Start a thread asking if anyone has a das unit or if anyone knows of any indi merc garages in your area.
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    E320 CDI - Dash Cam Advice Please

    BigE maybe it's just me but what happens when the doors autolock?
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    STAR Diagnosis

    Where abouts are you?
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    C207 Hazards and Switch Row Problem

    Guys Anyone heard of any A/C207 or W212's suffering from any issues with the hazard warning / ESP switch, the heated seat switch row or the ILS not working? I hooked it up to Star today and had the following as current faults. Basically happened the other day, drove it to work and went back...
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    fault code help

    Have a look:- Error Code Manufacturer Listing I would suggest you get it on Star Diag to see the full story.
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    W203 Front Wheel Bearing

    Replaced the front wheel bearings on the car today and I think I've made a boo boo! When I went to drive off the dash displayed a BAS and ABS error and I think it relates to the rear seals. Had a look around and found this: My question is does the rear seal sit level with the edge of...
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    Insurance Claim Advice

    Thanks for everyone's input. It's is as some put it as simple as the car is worth less now than what is owed on it. One thing that I'm going to ask him relates to an injury claim. His wide was taken by ambulance to hospital, turns out she has crushed and broken ribs along with bruising where...
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    Insurance Claim Advice

    Looking for some help for one of my friends. His wife was involved in an accident the other day where the other party drove through a t-junction and took her side on. The car is a total loss. Now he's just had his offer in from the insurance and it's £1500 less than what he owes on the...
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    Online EPC Russian Version!

    Not sure if this has been posted but have a look, looks like an online version of EPC:- Linky
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