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    W168 Auto transmission fluid level

    Hi All, The wife has a W168 auto which I had a refurbished transmission fitted to about 6 years ago by a trans specialist in London. Original trans had a blown clutch drum. Well the trans has started acting up again. Thumping when coming to a stop and flaring 2 to 3rd gear change. I though I...
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    W168 A class injector clamp bolts

    Hi all.... it's been a long time since i've been on this forum. I now have another mecedes with a question. I'm repairing leaking injector seals. I bought a couple of new clamps and stretch bolts from MB but mine seems to have studs and nuts to secure the clamps. Does this sound correct or has...
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    e220 cdi surges on idle

    Hi all, I went for a run down to portsmouth and back the other day. After I came off the the A31 duel carriageway I had to stop at the roundabout. From idle it surged. I almost thought I had been nudged from behind. I carried on, but now it happens once every couple of days. Does...
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    Help with comand fault code

    Hi all. A funny thing happened earlier today. My comand just shut off and wouldn't turn back on. After a minuit or 2 it turned on. So I checked the error codes and it had the following. B1767/0 Navigation parameter missing – number of teeth of ABS pulse rotor not configured ...
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    Getting Navi enabled on dash cluster.

    Well I went down to Tony Purslows today to get my Dash cluster enabled for my comand retro fit. I printed out the procedures for it from this site and handed them over to the service manager. They were a little confused at first as they had my down for a Garmin sat nav programming?!?. After...
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    Urgent help needed Speed Pulse W210

    Hi all... can anyone tell me where to find the speed pulse wire on my W210 year 2000. I'm fitting comand at the mo and cannot identify the correct wire
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    Aux lead for Comand part number help

    Hi all... I need a little help again. I'm getting my parts list together ready to fit comand. I have everything now apart from one small part. I used for all my part numbers but one appears to be wrong. I ordered the plug for the aux loom as shown here Part no A037 545 06...
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    can any1 tell me what these part no's are?

    Help needed with Comand part numbers Hi all... I'm getting ready to install my comand and I've ordered a load of stuff from MB I used for the parts list. However there are a couple of parts I have ordered but I'm not sure I need. I want to add the aux input cable to comand...
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    Audio 10 software version

    Hi all. How do I find out which software version my audio 10 cd player is? is it on a sticker on the unit? I will be selling it on fleabay soon and I noticed the units with the Q17 software version are going for around £200! while Q15 and so are going for about £80 Does the software version...
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    GPS antenna

    This might be a silly question, but how exactly does the MB gps for comand see up through the dashboard? I use a seperate gps system at the mo and it always needs a clear view of the sky. What is the difference with the MB antenna. I'm looking to retrofit comand soon.
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    Mobile 1 oil to thin?

    Hi all... I have a question. Normally I give my car an oil change inbetween main dealer services. I use Chevron oil from Costco. It's cheap but it has all the required specs and it's fully synthetic. I believe Daimler Chrysler have something to do with Chevron as well. The thing is the Chevron...
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    Heater booster

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to check the operation of the heater booster on a W210. I can't say I've ever noticed that it is working. I asked MB to diagnose it and they came up with a buster recirculation pump. It was indeed seized so I replaced it. I now get hot air when the...
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    some little scumbag snapped my star

    Well I went out to the car this morning to find someone has helped themselves to the front badge. Previously they bent the rear badge up. What do people get out of it?!? I know it was probally kids as there is a lot of them where I live. I've also had someone run something along the full...
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    Glowplug advise needed...

    Hi all... I need a bit of advice. I've been reading posts about how the glowplugs on a 220 cdi w210 chassis can be troublesome. I thought I would replace them anyway as the car has done 130,000 miles on the originals. I replaced three of them with absolutely no problems at all. I thought it was...
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    Special Menus

    Hi all... I was just wondering... are there any special menus that can be accessed from the dashboard that aren't listed in the manual. I mean like menus that the MB engineers would use. Just curios is all..
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    Non MB ATF fluid

    Hi all .... while I've been sitting here with my autobox problems I've been thinking. What are the implications of not using MB atf fluid on my 722.6 box. I had the change done recently by an indy, but they put atf in there from a large barrel. Pretty sure it said texaco on the side. I'm...
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    Transmission specialist.

    Does anyone know a specialist who is capable of setting up the vacuum system on the electronic 5 speed box. Mine seems to slip on the upshift between 3rd and fourth. I understand this can be reduced by making the gear change more aggressive. I can't find anyone in the Surrey/Hants area capable...
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    Transmission diagnosis

    Just thought this might be of interest to someone. It is the diagnosis and repair manual for automatic transmissions.
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    Transmission diagnosis

    Just thought this might be of interest to someone. It is the diagnosis and repair manual for automatic transmissions.
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    cooling fan...

    Hi all.... I have a simple question. I recently changed the thermostat on my E220 cdi as it was running at a cool 60c .... the now runs up to temp but when I started the car from cold with the bonnet up the electric fan was running. It wasn't running fast. Is this normal? I've only had the car a...
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