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    MOT and xenon lights

    I’m sure that others have come across this. Our E350 convertible went for an MOT; a few days later we noticed that the headlights were lighting up the sky and we were being flashed by oncoming cars. It transpires that the MOT tester probably adjusted the lights via the adjusting screws and this...
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    Headlight level sensors

    can someone tell me where I can find the headlight level sensors on the front and rear axles of my 2010 e class convertible. I have searched and am confused as to where exactly they are. At the moment, headlights appear too high so I suspect that the rear sensor may have failed.
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    P0171 & P0174 codes on E350 CGI

    Does anyone have any model specific pointers as to what to look for on a 2010 E350 petrol throwing P0171 & P0174 codes? I am assuming an air leak is the most obvious fault? I can see nothing obvious but it is difficult to look at the back of the engine.
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    AMG III 18" Wheels

    Set of staggered 18" Amg 18" wheels originally fitted to my CLK500 Cab. Fronts A209 401 1602 7.5J ET37 Refurbished and not used since. Rears A209 401 1702 8.5J ET30 Some kerbing to rims but generally ok Looking for around £200 or make me an offer. To be picked up from near Tring Herts...
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    18" AMG alloys from W209

    I have a set of 18" AMG alloys from a 2004 CLK 500 sitting in my garage. They are used but in generally good overall condition. No tyres. Guess they should be worth about £300 but open to offers to get them out of my way! Can be seen and picked up near Tring, Hert/Bucks border
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    Viseeo MBU-1000

    Viseeo MBU-1000 Bluetooth adapter. New. Bought to fit in wife's car but she clung to using her old nokia so it has never been used. £90.00 inc delivery.
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    W209 CLK Convertible Wind Deflector

    Wind Deflector for a W209 CLK convertible in good condition. £130 + postage
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    car registration documents scam?

    I am selling my CLK500 Convertible. I have been contacted by a prospective purchaser based in Paris (France) via an advert on ebay. She has only concluded 2 transactions a while ago. She rang me and discussed the car and discussed coming to see it in 10 days time (obviously I am not going to...
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    Fuel Line replacement C270

    I have to replace the fuel line between the fuel filter and the front of the engine on a 2004 C270 cdi. Do I need to prime the line in any way or do I just connect and crank the engine until it starts?
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    CLK500 Convertible

    I am selling my 2004/04 CLK500 Avantgarde Convertible. It is in Obsidian Black with Designo cream/black two tone leather interior. Black hood. Designo black lacquered trim. Designo gear knob. Comand, phone, 6CD changer etc. Memory electric seats. Heated seats. Bose speaker upgrade. Wind...
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    xenon light flickering

    One xenon headlight on my 2004 Clk (drivers side) keeps flickering on/off. Is this symptomatic of incipient bulb failure or is it more typical of ballast failure?
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    Blue Ice CD changer repairs

    After 2 years of problems I eventually got round to sorting out the 6cd changer in my clk. Sent it off to Blue-ice and it has been returned working as good as new. All Repairs Guaranteed For 4 Months as well. I went through his ebay site. Very pleased with result and communication from...
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    Panasonic TV HDMI problems

    I'm hoping that there is someone here who can shed some light on my problem. I have a Panasonic TH-42PX70BA Plasma TV. HDMI port 2 appears to have stopped working completely. When I connect via HDMI port 1 the device works for a while and then the connection starts cycling off and on.....this...
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    Drivers licence photo renewal...what a con!

    Just had a nice letter from DVLA reminding me that I need to renew the photo on my drivers licence if I want to carry on driving and that they want to charge me £20 for the privalidge.....what a con! They don't even need me to get my photo verified so I could give them any old photo!
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    CLK convertible hydraulic ram

    One of the small hydraulic rams to the boot partition is weak and this is stopping it closing out the microswitch which, in turn, prevents the hood from operating. Can someone tell me if and where I can source one of these rams from and how easy it is to change...
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    225/45/17 Winter tyres on 8.5J rims

    A quick question regarding winter tyres I have a spare set of staggered 17" alloys and want to fit 225/45/17 winter tyres. I believe I can fit these onto the rear 8.5J rims but is anyone able to clarify this? Thanks
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    Leather seat repair

    I have a small rip in my leather seat (more like a small hole about 3mm diameter). Can anyone suggest how I go about getting this repaired? Another thread suggested but I have no experince of these. Any ideas anyone?
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    Gearbox sensor CLK500

    I have a problem with gear selection. Have had faults read and the following has come to light "P0715 Torque Converter input RPM sensor faulty signal" How easy is it to replace this sensor?
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    Olly & Howard Engine Mount and transmission

    I have a problem with my CLK500. The auto gear box has just started to go into Limp Home mode but not all the time. I have been aware of a "ticking" noise from the area of the engine now for some while and have suspected that the engine mounts might be on the way out. I have fund and old...
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    CLK500 gearbox

    I have a problem with the auto gearbox on my CLK500. It is starting to stick in one gear from time to time. This is intermittent and often stopping and restarting the car will clear the problem and it will drive ok. Then it happens again..... I guessing ATF has done 80,000 and I...
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