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    Top Gear tonight - sneak preview

    I managed to snaffle a couple of tickets for Allison and myself for TG last Wednesday - and i am quite looking forward to it now I have a much better insight into how its filmed I did accidentally cause a scowl from Hampster when I referred to him as "someone else a short as Allison" :o -...
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    SL 3.0 M103 headaches

    The SL has been off the road for the last 9 months and due to work/race commitments I just didn't have time to deal with it. So feeling suitably guilty for the last few weeks I set about it swapping a load of parts and getting it ready for MOT. All new brakes were fitted...
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    Whitenemesis thanks all for the kind words and condolences

    Posted on Peters behalf
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    Movember - Your support please £1100 Raised!

    Hi, This November I will be growing a ratty grey moustache. :D Whilst for some this would be an easy decision for me its a real challenge as I have never been able to get a tash looking even acceptable let alone good. For the next month my wife, kids and customers will see a very...
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    Printing "Snaps"

    After many years of taking pictures and not printing many of them I finally decided to have some of my better ones lab printed :) I have had several very large prints done of some of my best ever shots and i can only suggest that with the cost of online printing these days that any other snap...
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    Hard drives wanted ASAP

    I need 4 (new) 3.5" IDE drives that I can have my sticky hands on by tomorrow morning. These are going into 1U linux firewalls so the spec can be anything from 40-250Gb but preferably all the same. I could theoretically use 2.5" drives but then I would need a method of mounting them and...
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    World Series Of Poker in Vegas

    My little brother has just made it through day 1 :) 2 days off now and then hes back on Wednesday, not doing as well as he hoped but still has enough chips to do well if the cards fall for him If he makes it to the end of Day 3 then thats roughly when the money starts. A lot of big names...
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    Ouch :(

    Some of you here have met my wife Allison so this is slightly more personal to some on here. I had a call from her yesterday morning whilst I was working away - she had had a bit of an accident - turns out it was a little more serious than that. She had slid on ice (along with 4 others)...
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    R129 monowipe problem

    Yes its started raining and now my SL wiper has given up the ghost :) Basically the motor arm turns but the plastic bush that holds the ball joint from the linkage in place has perished and now the ball joint just falls off after a few sweeps Looking at the EPC it looks like a new linkage...
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    Old Ford find - and ignorant fool on the phone!

    A friend of ours has just pulled this out of the garage after a recent bereavement - it has been there since it was laid up in 1990! It has 5 owners - the original first owner and then father and son twice each - so it really is one owner + 1 family from new 3.0 Mk1 pre facelift Capri :)...
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    Torquay Annual Pilgrimage pics

    I didnt take anything like as many as I normally do - so my apologies to anyone I missed :) A lot were taken later in the day so I missed a few people who had already left Not a single car pic as the street was full of them - This was so much more about the people, The cars may have...
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    Technical/Tuning threads

    First point - this post is intended to be in no way critical, its purely an observation, There seem to be way too many political or plainly argumentative posts on here fuelled by the same bunch of antagonists, but little hard core tuning discussion :) Whilst there are a lot of MB specific...
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    ultra high capacity storage

    I am in the market for an extremely high capacity storage system - Ideally I want to be able to transport 6-10Tb of data off site at the end of a day and store that data for 7 years (DPA) I need the cheapest solution for 1 shot storage of say 6Tb (lower end) at a time and ATM I am looking at...
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    Midlands GTG 2008 People Pics

    Apparently there were a few cars there too ! The cars are what bring us together - but its always the people that make a GTG special Sorry if I didnt get all the names - even worse if I got any wrong :o All complaints via PM to Olly please! :) Our gracious host Alfie and...
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    CRX turbo - more mods

    The CRX was very competitive last year - running 12 second 1/4 mile times, (not its forte) but being a LOAD of fun on trackdays and in competition. Current spec is 1600cc and about 360hp with about 300 of those ponies used on trackdays and the rest for 1/4 mile runs Its biggest plus is that it...
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    Worrying ebay buy on Scoobynet Nasty that anyone would even attempt to sell such a poorly modded item - that could actually kill someone! Funny that he doesnt show the badly modified one on the ebay pictures though! Follow the ebay link in the thread and...
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    Prestige - wish you were here :)

    Great turnout, even bettter hosts :D No comments on photo quality please - these are being posted from a laptop in bright sunlight. More pics of cars to follow Mark off for another drink :)
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    W124 3.0 24v 4 pot front calipers

    To fit to my project 190 :) Let me know what you might have please....
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    M104 HFM coilpack harness

    As above I need a section of loom for the coilpacks if anyone has it. I am quite happy to take a full engine harness - but it must be 100% spot on. Mine looked perfect right up to the point where it entered the engine inside the rubber insulation. I have the part number for the coil ends...
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    3.2 starting issues

    After a few ideas really :) M104 3.2 HFM engine from a 1993 S320 fitted to a 190E (Sat) I drove it back from Devon after it had sat for about 3 years SORN. The drive back was nothing short of perfect - not an ounce of trouble or even a hint that there might be something amiss. (Sun)...
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