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    AC Condenser - which manufacturer ?

    My CLS needs a new condenser. I've looked up the part number, and A2115001154, A2115001254 and A2115001654 comes up as being compatible. We all know they're made by someone else and there are also compatible units for sale too. Which of these are reputable? Ridex Van Wezel AKS Dasis...
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    New Vibrations - CLS

    Strange one this - I'm getting a vibration around 70mph. Got the wheels balanced twice, at different establishments. Problem gets worse, the vibes now start at 60mph. Not related to braking. (Brand new discs and pads all round 3 months ago, 4500 miles ago). Steering wheel doesn't shake much...
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    My next Mercedes

    I have a 2009 CLS 320CDI, which I love driving, but the need for a more practical car beckons. I hired a 2019 E220d estate not long ago, it wasn't too far off the pace of my 320 tbh and it was very economical 60mpg + which is a good 50% more than the 320, but the sound was nothing to write home...
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    Wonky media interface socket

    The socket in the glovebox needs replacing. It makes poor contact with the lead, looses the music over bumps etc. Any one know ehe the thing is called or even better have the part number for it? Mine car is a 2009 CLS, W219.
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    OBD2 port stuck

    or to be more accurate, OBD2 scanner stuck in OBD2 port. I've searched for something to press to release on the scanner and the socket. I've pulled and wiggled it hard enough to think I am about to break something. What's the secret in releasing the scanner head? Thanks
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    E class 7 seater question

    Does this car have the 6/7th seats? thanks
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    Can someone identify this part ?

    Hi, I'm trying to get a replacement. Anyone know what I should be asking/ searching for ? Even better if you have the MB part number. Thanks
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    Opinions and thoughts sought - CLS -> E class estate ?

    My kids are growing up, both secondary school age now. They participate in triathlons, we all love cycling and we're doing having more UK holidays. I have a 2009 CLS 320CDI thats nicely specced with airmatic. I find it a very nice car to be in, family love it too, it's well suited for long...
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    Problem with window drop

    I have a 2009 CLS. The driver's side windows started playing up last night. Open the door, window drops as normal. Close door, window doesn't go back up. Lock car, windows stays open about 10mm. Door open sensor ? Windows regulator ? Expensive ? Easy to diy ? Cheers
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    CLS W219 headlight bulb change

    I have a 2009 CLS with OE HID. I'd like to change the D2S bulbs. I've taken a look, got the large cap off, but haven't worked out how it's supposed to come out. Any one offer any hints ? Any online guides ? I've looked at the usual places etc. Do the headlight housing need to be removed ?
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    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update, COMAND APS, Europe, 2016/17 NTG2.5

    Genuine Mercedes DVD update set For NTG2.5 Part number A2198271300 £65 including postage in the UK, £70 EU. Payment by Paypal F&F or bank transfer This navigation update requires COMAND software update 09/29, available from Telematics CD 01/2010. Please contact your Mercedes-Benz...
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    OM642 - 3.0 V6 twin turbo diesel

    Mercedes-Benz is leading automobile manufacturers in the re-introduction of diesel passenger vehicles to North America. First, the E320 CDI (W211) debuted in June, 2005 powered by the OM 648, an inline six-cylinder common-rail diesel equipped with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. In Model Year 2007...
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    CEL and limp home mode :crazy:

    Have a 2009 CSL 320 CDI. Bought it 3 weeks ago. Got the Service A, gearbox and brake fluids changed too. A few days ago, CEL lit up followed by a lack of power. Other than that, gearbox changes were smooth and acceleration was smooth, but limited. Was 60 miles from home. Switched off and on...
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    CSL 320CDI AMG edition

    Just bought a 2009 CSL 320CDI AMG edition in designo platinum black. Has airmatic, designo interior, memery cooled seats, comand, sunroof, Harman Kardon. This is my 3rd 6 cylinder Mercedes. First was a E240 that oxidised in front of my eyes, interior was a nice place to be in. Second was a...
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    CLS brakes 320/350/500

    The discs need changing on the car I'm looking at. Will be a good opportunity to see if I can get the larger discs in. From my initial enquiries. It appears a : 2005-9 CLS 320CDI (CLS350CDI) has 312mm discs, 28mm thick (thanks Kenny), weighs 8.68Kg (Pagid 104220899) 2005-9 CLS 350CGI has...
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    CLS 320CDI alternative wheels

    I am about to pull the trigger on a 2008 CLS 320 CDI. It comes with the AMG 19" wheels, which are reputed to be made from cheese and will crack or bend at a mere sniff of a sharp ridge, let alone a UK pothole. I hear that 18" wheels are a good compromise. The car has airmatic. I have...
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    Thinking about a CLS320

    Thinking of buying another MB. Always loved the shape of the CLS. Any advice on a CLS320 CDI ? Things to look out for ? I've had a 2010 C350CDI for a couple of years and an old E240 prior to that. Any great advances with the CLS350CDI ? Is the petrol CLS350 very thirsty ? My main...
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    Excessive front tyre wear on the outer shoulders

    I've changed over to my all season winter tyres today and noticed excessive front tyre wear on the outer shoulders, the middle and insides are fine. These are MO Conti Sport Contact 5s inflated to 2.4 bar. Camber wrong (too positive) ? Perhaps something worn out ?
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    Any one know the factory suspension geometry settings for a W204 ?

    Does any one know the factory suspension settings for the W204 ? Also which parameters can be adjusted on these ? Thanks!
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    FS: Continental Sport Contact 3 245/40/17 (MO)

    One Continental Sport Contact 3 245/40/17 (MO) in great condition, 5mm measured across the tread. No damage or repairs. Collected from SW London/ Surrey border. £50 + £10 posted to UK (excluding Highlands & Islands)
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