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    66 plate 205 interior trim part

    I'm after a tiny silver/chrome trim part for a c220d softtop. The best I can find for it is A 205 680 95 04 and the section appears to be [739] 20101223 TRIM PIECES - ALUMINUM I've no idea if these are available separately - its just the trim around the cubby hole lid behind where a...
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    m113 oil level

    Our c55 has said a couple of times to add a litre of oil at the next chance. However when I check the oil level it says it's fine. Using the "hidden" menu it is saying 7.1 l which to my mind is a bit low as reading suggests 8-8.5l. Anyone got a more definitive answer? Thanks
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    CLS 63 EDITION 1

    Does anyone know anything about these? It appears to be an S engine upgrade over the lower powered engine, so to 558bhp and that's about it. There might be some interior bits, carbon trim etc but it's all a bit vague. Looks nice in black though.
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    expected service interval for a 5.5 tt engine?

    Could anyone tell me what I should expect in a car's history from new in 13? Thanks
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    Brabus b63

    I think like it, it'll be interesting to see what it goes for
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    211 e55 track rod ends

    I need to change these so do we know what OEM is or decent alternative parts? Thanks
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    e class headlight shell covers

    I'm going to get the headlight covers replaced as one is quite cloucy and I've used one of these rejuvenators in the past but they seem to have a lifespan. There are plenty on ebay and the like but has anyone used some and can recommend (or not) what they had? This sort of thing...
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    sl55 on AT

    This looks a half decent car at a sensible price. Later model comand, roof and cooled seats and not greyscale. Its done 0 miles in 10 months mind but maybe that's not so unusual this year...
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    Do we have a spotted thread? S212 E500 on the M5

    Going north this afternoon with me in the hideous traffic. In a different shade of brown and very loaded, reg V8 Y.. We were in our silver e55 similarly loaded after a week in Dorset. David
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    Really want this...cls3 estate But is it me or is that very expensive? I know it is a low miles car and it's an S but even so.
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    cl63 in a colour

    Must say this is a nice combo and it's not like you see many in a colour at all. I haven't checked anything so the MOTs may show all sorts of issues but it does look the part. The only thing I don't like is the dark strip between the back seats. Seems the wrong colour to me. But at that price...
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    211 estate boot auto close button not responding

    Of late the boot doesn't want to close from the red button. The close system works fine, soft close etc. I'm sure it's just the button wiring as if I push gently in one place on the the button surround it lights up and works. So first question, does the button itself just pop out with a...
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    Project for those at home?

    Maybe or perhaps just a money pit.. Auto Trader logo
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    Nice coloured CL

    Rare in any sort of colour. 2011 60 MERCEDES-BENZ CL 5.5 CL500 2D AUTO 387 BHP shame its a 5.5 not a 4.7 but nice all the same.
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    M class - missing dash button?

    Can anyone help me out here. I've been vaguely looking for either a 420cdi or a 500 petrol 164. I'm a little confused by one of the dash buttons. Case in point. This car has parking sensors 2005 Mercedes Benz M Class 5.0 ML500 SE 7G Tronic 4x4 5dr Auto SUV Petrol Automa | in Greenford, London |...
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    failed parking light

    Our c class is saying it has a failed near side parking light. When unlocking the car and the lights come on sure enough the bulb is inoperative but if the car is running and just the side lights on it's on and I'm sure its the same bulb. I switched all the lights on initially and none were...
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    AMG seat badge

    Swmbo has arrived home and presented me with the drivers AMG seat badge (why do they always break things?!). It has 2 prong on the back so clearly has caught on her jumper and been wrenched out. Looking at pics it seems there is a corresponding blank that fits behind the badge inside the leather...
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    Wilding Motors Paignton - anyone used them?

    Lots of MB for sale and apparently a marque specialist looking at their premises. They have a very nice cl500 which I'm interested in so any stories, good or otherwise? Thanks
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    s212 e500, I know these are scarce but..

    £16k is plenty to buy e63 of that age. It looks lovely and it only takes one buyer but it does seem a lot. Very low miles so maybe someone would be prepared to pay it. Mercedes E CLASS (207/212) E500 AVANTGARDE 2010
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    s203 front number plate plinth

    Ours has suffered some damage and needs replacing, although oddly the number plate itself is fine. I've found this part no A2038850181 which appears to be what I want but I can't see if it is the same part for the clk front end I have on the c55. I assume saloons and estates will be the same...
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