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    C63 IPE for £1200 I spotted

    This is cheap? IPE Exhaust for C63 - The M3cutters - UK BMW M3 Group Forum
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    SLK Private Plate

    Final price: £1000 no offers.
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    Hands up current or ex-Saab owners on here?

    Saab 9-3 ttid no issues. Great comfy car.
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    Harmon Kardon , worth it?

    Not a lot in real terms as I reckon the petrol is cheaper to buy.
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    Harmon Kardon , worth it?

    Had it in my C63 and tbh I wouldn't buy a car without it however MB standard system is far superior to BMW standard system which is terrible.
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    SLK Private Plate

    Price drop £1250 ono
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    C63 Amg Disks & Pads Prices & Fitting

    To give you comparison a full set of discs and pads on an RS4 are circa £2500. AMG are quite reasonable.
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    Yet Another E500 estate

    Too dear and it has a tow bar which is an instant turn off for me
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    video in motion

    120? In a C350? :doh:
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    SLK Private Plate

    Price Drop: £1500 ono
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    Dinamica/Artico seats white stain problem

    Solution to this is tick the full leather option and don't skimp :D
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    video in motion

    Let me just ask his name.... :D
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    video in motion

    Sorry I'm having a **** :D
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    Happy New Year MBC

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    Sapphire autos and Wayne Gates

    Well this escalated quickly
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    Cooling seats on s class

    You lot are totally missing the point. These fans are ideal for circulating farts around the cabin. Especially silent ones.
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    video in motion

    Why do 70 if your watching telly. To be fair it's quite mild watching tv. A wagon driver got caught cooking his lunch on a camping stove recently whilst on the motorway.
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    video in motion

    No many members own 5+ litre V8's too :D
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    Courtsey cars supplied by MB dealers

    Have to say over the past few years: BMW courtesy cars: F80 M3 330d cabriolet 420d m sport with full m Perfprmance bodykit All the latest reg plates Audi: A6 BiTDI RS4 Avant Mercedes: A180 Cdi SE Now given the fact that my Audi was an SQ5 and Bmw all been M3's or a 335 going in. My MB was a...
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