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    R172 SLK Luggage cover

    Does anybody have any tips on how to stop the rattling of the luggage cover when it is closed. I assume it is coming from one of the catches, but it's damn irritating
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    SLK Glass roof

    Hi All I have read on another forum that in many cases, you can change the headliner in the SLK so you can access the panoramic glass roof which is now fitted as standard. At some point in 2014, MB started to fit a black foil to the underside of the glass roof possibly to stop this DIY...
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    H7 Bulbs

    Just fitted some Philips X-tremevision bulbs to my SLK R172. Am I correct in thinking the tab on the bulb goes to the top?
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    electronic parking brake on SLK R172

    Hi Should the EPB engage automatically when I come to a stop, select P and turn off the ignition?
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    Nav DVD Audio 50 APS 2011

    I have the above boxed original DVDs for Europe that came with my 2012 E Class (now sold) if anyone can make use of them. Open to offers
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    Smart top

    Hi All Any SLK drivers out there who have fitted the SMART TOP module?
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    DAB radio in 2014 SLK

    Just got a 2014 SLK with DAB Radio. It is near on useless compared to the DAB reception I had in my E Class which worked perfectly. It loses the signal every few seconds (sometimes lasts for over a minute!)Any other SLK owner had this issue?
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    2014 SLK Fuse data map

    Hi Just got a 2014 SLK250 and want to wire my Dashcam to a switched fuse. Does anyone have a fuse diagram they could share? I had the dashcam in my E Class and the fusebox in the boot housed the switched fuses. All the fuses in the boot on the SLK seem to have permanent feed supply Thanks
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    Speed Camera "BONG"

    Hi All Is there any way to change the setting when a camera is detected? At the moment, when the "BONG" occurs it stops the ipod/radio for 2/3 seconds:mad:
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    Auto Volume reduction

    Hi All When playing any media whilst the Navigation is in use, the volume should reduce when directions etc are read out. I have put a tick in the box within settings but it has no effect. :dk: Anyone any ideas?
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    2011 E Class Brochure

    Looking for a brochure for the E Class (W212) from 2011/12
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    Audio 50 APS query

    Hi New on here so apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. I have just bought a 2012 E Class with the Audio 50 APS. How can I tell what version map I have installed? :confused:
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