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    W202 - Identifying part - Inner Track Rod Joint?

    Morning all, I have an MOT coming up and some slight play on my track rod inner joint - not the track rod end - It looks like the rod itself unbolts from the centre part (drag link?) so I can just replace it Perhaps i'm getting the terminology wrong, I'm having trouble finding a track rod via...
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    W202 - Strange transmission noise like whale song!

    Morning all, I'm now getting a fascinating new sound from my W202 - an intermittent whine from somewhere in the transmission that sounds like whale song. It started after I recently changed: - my gearbox oil (see below, under heading 'the transmission oil change' for more details). - my diff...
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    W202 wobbly manual shifter

    Hi all, Have a loose manual gear shifter. It wobbles fore and aft quite a bit. I've replaced all six linkage bushings and it's the same. Before I start in things inside the car - is there something inside the black plastic covered mechanism which could be worn? Kind regards Steve
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    W202 Manual Gearbox Oil - MB 235.10?

    Hi there, I'm trying to pin down the manual gearbox (717.417) oil I need. My research suggests something to MB 235.10 spec? Is that correct? I've based this on: VIN decoder giving transmission number: 717417 07 652708 bevo saying: Transmissionnn oils, sheet 235.10 The partly synthetic...
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    W202 rear brake hard line length

    Hi all, I have a facelift w202. I feel slightly lazy asking but I don't have the car with me to go check. Searches online for diagrams have not helped. My MOT man is unhappy with corroded rear hard brake lines, near to where they join the rear flex pipes. I have the flaring tools so...
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    W202 lap belt 'accessory'

    Afternoon all, I had always thought the strange loop/thing (pictured) attached to my lap belt, was an OEM part. It doesn't seem to have an MB part number, so looks like it's an accessory. Any idea what it's for? Child seat? Pet restraint?
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    w202 missing exhaust manifold heat shield?

    Hi all, Looking under the bonnet of my car, I can see there is a bracket above my exhaust manifold (see pic below) - presumably a heat shield goes there that has gone missing in the last 124k miles?
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    w202 crankcase emission control

    Hi all, I've been reading about the benefits of installing oil catch cans on pretty much any engine. I have a 1999 w202 with the m111 2.0 unit. I've studied the workshop manual and various threads, but I am not sure about the location of the various crankcase emission control components. I...
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    The old loose W202 indicators

    My w202 has both front indicator units (Bosch) seemingly held in by the trim piece below them. I can see that no matter how far they are pushed back, the sprung clip on the unit does not go around the black plastic lip it looks like it's supposed to clip behind. Is this how they are intended...
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    W202 saloon roof rack

    Hi there, I'm after a roof rack for a w202 saloon (1999). Do let me noow if you have one gathering dust somewhere. I can probably collect from most places in the south east. Kind regards, Steve
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    Name that tool (W202)

    My W202 tool kit has a random tool in it. It is a alloy rod, knurled on one end, with a thread on the other (see pic). On the assumption it came with the car - what does it do?
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    W202 final drive ratio change (diff swap?)

    Hi there, Apologies if this a a double post - I posted earlier and it disappeared into thin air. I think I'd like to do a diff swap and need some advice. My W202 (facelift, manual, C200, with ASR) screams away at 3000+rpm at motorway speed (70mph). This is all very 1999 - when cars didn't have...
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    W202 - facelift dimming RVM

    Hi guys, There's a lot of info about retrofitting the pre-facelft dimming rear view mirror (with red/green LEDs) out there, but not much on the same mod for facelift cars. From what I have seen, it's simply a case of finding a w202 (rare) or w210 (if you can live with limited trim colours)...
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    W202 cupholder

    Anyone got an OEM w202 cupholder - my car doesn't have one.
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    W202 - let's talk cupholders

    Morning all, I'm slowly becoming American and need somewhere to put my frappe-latte-flat-chino. My w202 is a poverty spec Classic, and has not got the, quite rare, OEM cupholder. I've put a wanted as up for one of those separately. So I'm wondering, what do other w202 drivers do? I've...
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    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w208 star grill

    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w209 star grill Morning all, Apologies for opening the can and getting worms.... ....everywhere. I want to either do a w209 frameless grill conversion (with biiiig star) or Avantgarde/S600 grille on my W202. The stock grill has covered many miles...
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    Injector spec (flow rate) for facelift W202 C200

    Morning all, I've just fitted my DIY fuel economy computer (an "MPGuino") and am looking to get the second of the two values it uses (injector uSec/gall) dialled. I've done some searching and it has been inconclusive. I'm currently using 22lb/hr as my starting flow rate as that's what a US...
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    Facelift W202 VSS clicks per mile?

    Hi all, I'm about to fit my W202 with an MPGuino MPG gauge. It uses two signals to calculate MPG: (1) VSS clicks per mile; and (2) Injector pulse time in mS I know I can find out (2) by looking up my injector part number, so will post on here if I get lost doing that. It is (1) I am having...
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    Vibration through gear lever in 2nd only

    Hi all, My new (to me) W202 C200 manual has a vibration that goes through the gear lever in second. it happens if you lean your hand backward on the lever. The lever is vibration-free in all other gears. It decreases and increases slightly in frequency with road speed (not engine speed). If...
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    Facelift W202 - Steelies.... as an option?!?

    So, after convincing myself I have the least equipped W202 ever produced, I see on the Parkers website that lots of the stuff bolted to mine was... optional. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon specs, facts & figures, Dimensions | Parkers I know it says 1993 spec , but seems to cover 93 > 2001. I...
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