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    W210 Brabus E V12 7.3

    Just picked this up..
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    E55 AMG FULLY LOADED 7 Seat Wagon

    Price drop to £10995
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    E55 AMG FULLY LOADED 7 Seat Wagon

    Lots if interest but no offers.. Managed to upload a low resolution pic of some pics on my phone.. Feel free to contact me for more pics.. Price drop to 11k before I do an ebay advert.. Cheers Jamie
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    looking to buy MB E55 AMG

    M Mine is also now listed for sale.. Cheers Jamie
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    A pic of my black e55 that would upload..
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    E55 AMG FULLY LOADED 7 Seat Wagon I'll find an image hosting site later but if you are on insta, you can hit the link above to see pics.. Cheers Jamie
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    I have tried the above instructions but on an android phone there isn't a "resize image available".. Would like to add a few of both my e55 s211's if anyone is up for resizing them for me? I can WhatsApp them over? Cheers Jamie
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    A non rusty 210??

    I've got a Brabus w210 thats barely got any rust but a w210 without any rust or repairs is unheard of...
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    I'll upload some pics of mine as soon as I have time to figure out how.. I own the silver s211 e55 up for sale on the forum.. I've got pics of when I owned my black e55 wagon and silver e55 parked next to each other.. Just need to figure out how to resize the images..
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    E55 AMG FULLY LOADED 7 Seat Wagon

    Welcome to the sale of my most favourite car in my collection. Anybody who has owned a S211 E55 AMG will already be aware of how great these cars are, I have owned alot of great cars over the years and always keep an estate car for family duties. When the decision was made to buy an E55 AMG I...
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    £20k E55

    I'm just writing an ad for my fully loaded s211 e55, It'll look a complete bargain next to this..
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    Wanted full set of 19” AMG III rims

    im about to list my w211 amg for sale and have a spare set of e55 good condition alloys available if of any use.. cheers Jamie
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    [URGENT] ------>>>>> MBClub Covid-19 Response

    donated but forgot to ad my username... keep up the good work guys
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    Bought this e55 recently, Plans are to tidy it up, Busy buying up stage 2 tuning mods, Then use for family duties an nurburgring trips,, Its actually booked on for a track day at Silverstone gp circuit monday, I've bought a set of split rims with slicks fitted, doubt theres many 7 seat e55's...
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    A familiar E55k Estate rehomed!

    Congrats ross.. Although I've found myself one, Having seen your posts on insta and on here, I'll still be interested in buying this if you ever decide to sell it.. Looks great.. Cheers Jamie
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    AMG’s in Picture.....

    New toy
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    AMG’s in Picture.....

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    A45 AMG power loss

    New wiring loom sorted it , Mercedes Benz Crawley charged 1200 for all the work and provided a courtesy car so although it took them a while I'm glad it went to them to be sorted..
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