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    Four fault codes, which to attack first against limp-mode?

    Hello All, I'm still in limp mode with my e270 CDI, 2004. I've changed the maf and cleaned the egr, the eml was on prior and now has disappeared and stayed that way since it was cleared with a diagnostic tool this morning. These faults remain, and I wondered if anyone had any advice on what to...
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    Is there a way to unscrew this weird torx head without a special tool?

    Hi all, I’ve not come across one of these before and I need to remove them so I can clean my MAF. Thanks in advance, Cheers, Paul.
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    W124 ce boot lid almandine

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of one of these? Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Paul.
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    Wobbly hand brake shoes w211

    Hello all, I wonder if anybody could shed any light on the small problem which I’m having. ( Might be small but it is really giving me a very scratched head.) I recently replaced the handbrake shoes on my 2004 E 70, I cannot seem to get them to sit still inasmuch as despite the fact that I think...
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    Very odd brake pad wear.

    Hi All, I’m getting big noises from my rear passenger wheel on a w211, 2004. What could be the cause. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers, Paul
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    Two bolts spare after changing belt tensioner!

    Hi all I have lately been having fun changing the tensioner On M103 engine from 1990. A friend of mine helped me and after we put Humpty back together again there remained these two threaded bolts and washers. If anyone has recently been involved with removing the radiator and a few pulleys, do...
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    W116 and 123 brakes compatible?

    Hi All, Could the same discs and pads that stop a 240d do the same on a 450sel? Though it's not, mines a 300SD, so not heaps of power. Thanks in advance. Paul
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    124 300 td passed out after exertion, won't revive, eating battery.

    I used my 1995 300 diesel to reverse a trailer up a very steep incline and it struggled, though made it over the line, and promptly stopped. I've just popped a fresh battery on it as it wouldn't so much as wink at me after the ordeal, it stated straight up so I gave it a quick run round the...
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    V8 only firing on 4 cylinders, r129 129.066

    Hi All, I'm unable to find any info on this. The coil and leads have been changed and checked on the other side, so is it the brain-box? Thanks very much in advance for any help. Cheers, Paul
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    500k miles, w124 300D - daft money in Portugal, 3000GBP

    Mercedes Benz 300 por 3250 EUR na Auto Compra e Venda Click the above. This is not unusual here, sky high prices and no fear of high Kms.
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    M103 Fuel Pump Relay bridged, primes and dies on removal after start

    Hi All, I've had a good browse, but can't find a solution. My 89 300E has been a sporadic starter for a while, but relay twiddling has usually solved the problem - I don't use the car for long periods. This week I couldn't get the pumps to prime with the one second 'buzz', (no buzz), so...
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    Extinguishing w126 Rad lamp bulb

    Hi, I recently fixed my leaking cooling system on an m103; all's well, but the blooming rad light bulb is still lit. How can I clear it? Cheers, Paul
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    W124 Windsceen fitting vid, stunning stuff! Utterly enthralling, it's even got the eighties porn background music - if I remember rightly!
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    W124 Bits on ebay - others available

    Mercedes E-Class W124 rear view mirror, excellent order | eBay Hi, Breaking the car in the other items link. Please call 07808 369922 if you need anything, I'm running out of room. I only wanted a headlight lens and look what happened! Cheers, Paul
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    1994 W124 Excellent grey drivers seat and other bits

    Almandine e220, 1994, facelift model. Bonnet losing Lacquer and boot the same. Sunroof. Main thing is a grey drivers seat with excellent bolster - all the rest are OK, too. I'll put it on ebay in a few days unless there's any interest here, buyer to remove from car in Preston. 125 for all...
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    W124 facelift bonnet swap - must change lenses, too!

    Hi All, I've just swapped my '91 bonnet on a coupe to a '94 shape from an estate. Two things. Firstly, the estate washer bottle is on the other side and feeds from the other side - the coupe has a complicated water junction. Pipe lengthening soon. Secondly the light lenses are shaped to...
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    Just viewed 500SEC - happy to share

    1984 MERCEDES 500 SEC COUPE | eBay Just returned from a 450 mile round trip to see this. I think the comment about not being disappointed isn't correct. If anyone would like a summary, please pm me. Cheers, Paul
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    Possible supply of used, un-rusty w124 wings

    Hi All, I've found a large scrapyard here in Portugal with an owner who seems a reasonable sort. We got chatting and I said I needed things and would pop down with a list next week, (I have three 124's, so need thee wings - obv, as they say). I wondered if I put a larger request to him he's...
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    Crunching into reverse, 5 Sp man w124

    I just want to bump this part of an old post which DRUK kindly helped me with in case the diagnosis will change given the update. There's a horrible crunch getting into reverse, and it's now getting harder. It used to go in after another declutch, occasionally with a little complaint, but now it...
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    W124 Multiple sqeal - turn and straight

    Hi All, After about ten minutes a high pitched squeal comes from what seems to be front left, varying pitch. Brake and it goes/changes pitch and goes, comes straight back or goes for twenty miles. Turn left during its squeaky moments and it gets worse. I thought it was brakes, but the change...
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