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    C63 IPE for £1200 I spotted

    This is cheap? IPE Exhaust for C63 - The M3cutters - UK BMW M3 Group Forum
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    Happy New Year MBC

    Happy NY all :thumb:
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    Happy Christmas

    It has been noted by a few that I've been absent from here recently. Unfortunately there have been a lot of issues recently which led to me being signed off with depression and anxiety I'm ashamed to say. To those who know me personally it would likely be a shock. I'm pleased to say after...
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    E55 Towing capabilities LOL!

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    Ash59fifty-UK poll

    I have been badgering Ash to let me take him to buy his C63... He is procrastinating immensely and I now need some support in achieving his dream. Vote accordingly.
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    Just had a knock on the door from Police... Word of warning..

    Apparently having a row with someone on the road is now an offence. I was reported for a disagreement I had with someone a few weeks back. They havnt done anything but if the reporting person wanted action taken you can go to court now. Just saying :thumb:
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    What's the biggest mistake of your life?

    Recently I switched jobs on a load of promises etc. I went back to working for a huge corporate and basically it's been nothing but broken promises since I joined. I sold my C63 which I had held out for a few years to be able to buy and basically generally changes my life to appease the...
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    How safe is your car?

    8PM on C4 Miss it - miss out
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    Some proper pics of my new car....

    I know a few have asked but it's very yawn anyway! :D
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    My old C63 for sale

    Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG 6.3 7G-Tronic 2010MY AMG | eBay Optimistic price :D
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    What Mercedes would you buy?

    If you wanted a daily driver to do 50-100 miles per day to munch and wanted a reliable Merc that's cheap on fuel and is around £1000 to buy what would you buy? Thinking about putting miles on a dirtbox and garaging the c63 for weekend use as its getting too much mileage it will ruin it :(
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    Anyone gone from C63 to A45?

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    C63 AMG 2010/10 - Palladium Silver

    Selling my C63 had my fun and love the car but I fancy a change. 2010/10 - LED rear lights and mirrors as a very late prep facelift 50801 miles (Rising in daily use) Black leather dynamic seats Comand Harman Kardon 6 Disc CD iPod USB interface and HDD Intelligent light system...
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    Euro Car Parts

    So I ordered my BMC air filters from ECP Wednesday and paid for next day delivery. Today they arrived. So for £50 despite the website saying there are two for C63 only one arrived. Which I'm told is correct and I should have ordered two. Needless to say I'm not impressed as to why their...
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    New Tiguan

    Love the new advert... VW have a great marketing department! YLzC_b1Q5BE
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    ECP discs and pads

    What's everyone's view? I havnt bought them before but they seem reasonable? Mine is non PP pack car but are the VM discs on ECP any good or should I just avoid? I'm trying to sort my discs and pads and all that out. I have messages MB Stourbridge and that for genuine prices.
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    C63 Air Filters

    Right so I've had an annoying pulsation of the brake pedal, steering wheel since I've owned my car. I've done nearly 15k miles in 6 months so it's not really got worse but recently it's started to bug me more and more. The vibration correlates with a cough from the exhaust every couple of...
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    RIP Legend taken 22 years ago today. Crying shame :(
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    Why AMG is the best of what Mercedes can offer...

    Just sublime engineering.... Utter wasteful and sheer lunatic design... Vulgarity at its best! Any owners here? DrUVMdkb4_k
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    Hunter Alignment

    I cannot recommend enough how important a decent 4W alignment is. I recently noticed the inside edges of my front tyres were wearing out fast! My car was a bit skittish and really drifted around a bit. Decided to get a hunter alignment and cannot believe the difference it has made. The...
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