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    W220 Aftermarket Air Strut Repair Kit?

    I have a leak on my front Strut W220 S320 2002, has anyone installed on of these repair kits off ebay? New FOR Mercedes S Class W220 Front Air Spring Bag Air SHOCK STRUT REPAIR KITS | eBay
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    W220 Gear selector Stuck in Park

    Have had the dreaded stuck in Park issue on my 02 S320 66k Miles, was getting problems now and then getting out of park but this disappeared then recently I started getting an intermittent problem going from drive to reverse and then suddenly it was locked in park completley, so these were the...
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    W220 Low Beam Elecrtonic Fuse Location?

    Have an S320 2002 with Left Low Beam Bulb failure, these are Halogen Bulbs, the Bulb had blown so replaced it with a fresh one but still not working, I understand that the Low Beam is protected by an Electronic Fuse? does this need resetting and where is it located?
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    W220 Aircon not working?

    My Aircon has stopped working, did have the water problem coming into the car via the blocked drain under the windscreen carpet wet in the foot well, cleaned the blocked drain and let the water out, then noticed a few days later that Aircon was not working and the Red Aircon off light was lit...
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    W220 S320 Rattling Catalytic Converter ??

    2002 S320 under floor central Cat has started rattling are there any aftermarket options I could use to replace the Original cats going to replace both central ones at the same time pipe diameter at each side of the Cat is 55mm, noticed looking at them that the in pipes are not perfectly in...
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    ATF Flush on a W220

    Has anyone done an ATF flush on their W220?
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    W220 Petrol Gauge Problem

    Petrol Gauge suddenly started to read zero, not working I am running on LPG need Petrol just to start up, but last night noticed the Petrol Gauge had completely stopped working just reads zero doesn't move a millimetre yet a quarter of a tank of Petrol is in the Tank, is this a know problem with...
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    Hissing from Airmatic Suspension.

    Have had the new Airpump installed am now using the car daily, started hearing a hissing noise now and again after going over rough roads, it seems to settle down as I reach smoother roads, tends to happen more after the vehicle has been stopped and then driven away, sounds like its coming from...
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    W220 What faults list ???

    I am just wondering what faults you have all encountered during ownership of your W220's, have had my 2002 54k miles S320 for 3 weeks and its been in the garage for an Airmatic Pump, and now possibly an EIS ignition module, wish I had asked the question earlier but prevention might help save...
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    W220 Ignition Key will not turn???

    Well the problems continue with this 2002 W220 S320 , on Sunday the Ignition Key stopped working, it flashes when I press the buttons but will not turn in the ignition nor does it operate the central locking, its like the car does not see the key? Have checked the main car battery and that is...
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    S320 2002 Airmatic issues still not solved

    Have started a separate thread here see if I can get some more feedback on the Airmatic issues I am having. The trader I purchased the vehicle from had a new Airmatic Pump fitted last week, I picked the car up on Saturday afternoon, the engine was warm when I collected the car, when I set off...
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    S320 W220 Braking Efficiency?

    Recently purchased an S320 have previously posted a thread relating to the Airmatic which may now have been solved? this one relates to what felt like inefficient breaks on the test drive which I put down to having just had new front Discs and Pads fitted? the vehicle had since been driven by...
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    S320 New Purchase, Airmatic Visit Workshop?

    A couple of days ago I went to collect a 2002 W220 S320 with a genuine 54k on the clock, intention is to convert to LPG and use for Private Hire work, doing around 20k per year, I had driven just 15 miles from the Traders showroom when I got the (Airmatic visit workshop) warning on the...
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    S320 W220 LPG Conversion ??

    Looking at purchasing an older W220 S320 and converting to LPG for Taxi work, have run several converted vehicles in the past with very little in the way of issues with the LPG covered around 70k on LPG in 2 E39 525i’s last one was written off a month ago when someone felt the back of my car...
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    Retrofit CD Auchanger W211

    Have started to Retrofit the CD Autochanger in my W211 have fitted into the dash no problem have got power to it and it comes alive although I have noticed that the Red Laser light is emitting from the opposite side of where the single retrofit Optical lead socket fits so in effect it seems to...
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