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  1. Frankie

    W210 nsf has dropped

    I drove the car less than a mile and noticed the steering wheel appeared to be off center, the steering seemed to behave in an odd way also. When I arrived at my friend's house he pointed out that the NSF was about an inch lower than the OSF . I have looked underneath, I see a broken spring and...
  2. Frankie

    W210 handbrake

    I had to remove the headlight control and which meant removing the handbrake release lever. After putting it back together the release lever stays out after I release the handbrake. I can push it back in and it works fine but what have I done wrong?
  3. Frankie

    w210 Sunroof dropped

    As it says in the title,my sunroof appears to have dropped slightly at the back. It doesn't leak but I imagine with time it will drop lower. Is it more likely to be the surround that has dried out and deformed or a fault with the mechanism?
  4. Frankie

    W210 E55 23k in white
  5. Frankie

    Mirror electrics

    The wiring in my w210 mirrors has broken down and shorted out. I am looking at replacements online but I am a little confused, some say not suitable for memory package. My car has memory package,electrically operated mirrors,heated mirrors and from memory I think they may dim like the internal...
  6. Frankie

    w210 steering wheel

    I'm in the process of changing the steering wheel on my 1996 w210,it is an aftermarket wheel being fitted off of a W201. Do I use the w201 horn ring which is attached to the boss or attach the w210 horn ring? Also as this is a non-airbag steering wheel,is there something I can fit so the airbag...
  7. Frankie

    Engine swaps

    I have a W210 E230 manual,I wouldn't mind a little more go. How easy is it to swap to a 230k engine or perhaps a M104 320?
  8. Frankie

    W210 Elegance glass

    Called someone to get my windscreen replaced, the lady said it was green glass and would have a top tint,which seemed right to me. The guy came out today to do it and they'd given him untinted glass with no top tint. He only realised there was a mistake when he noticed my screen is apparently...
  9. Frankie

    W210 electric mirrors

    My mirrors seem to have developed a mind of their own,I operate the control in one direction and the mirror moves another,or even worse the other mirror moves,or both. Any ideas?
  10. Frankie

    Thanks to PCS

    My car had been running like a pig,turns out it was the maf ,which they sorted. Diff was leaking too,seals replaced. Now a dream to drive :-) They also sorted out my girlfriends aircon at short notice. Thanks guys!
  11. Frankie

    w123 500
  12. Frankie

    w126 420 sec manual ...10 mins left
  13. Frankie

    Electric Mirrors not opening

    Right,I parked down a narrow road so folded the mirrors in. They now won't unfold,I can't work out which fuse they are on. Any help?
  14. Frankie

    W124 Turbo kit

  15. Frankie

    Failed MOT on parking brake

    My car failed it's MOT today as the offside parking brake was ineffective,12% efficiency. I tried giving PCS a ring but got the answer machine,sorry Olly,I hate those things.Guess you've closed for a few days. So I'm wondering,does anyone know if there is anything in particular I could check in...
  16. Frankie

    H&R suspenion fitted to my W210

    When I first got the car I took it down to Olly for a once over.Although not worn my bushes had perished,also I needed new dampers at the front. A little while later one of my rear springs snapped at the bottom. To be honest I'm just making up excuses for the fact I wanted it to sit a little...
  17. Frankie

    Top Gear-Mercedes Tuners

    This came up on the Top Gear site,I've seen quite a few of them already, some interesting cars. After our E63 review, some retro "AMGs" that never were... - BBC Top Gear
  18. Frankie

    W210 front chin spoiler

    I know it´s a long shot but does anyone have a Brabus front chin spoiler stashed away?
  19. Frankie

    w210 front and rear lips

    I'm possibly looking to lose the black lower lips on the bumpers.Aside from spraying them or fitting E55 bumpers,what options are there? I've seen a Brabus lip but I suspect it is no longer available.
  20. Frankie

    G wagen copy

    I can´t even remember what the search began with but I ended up finding this company. One of there models looks like the Tata Loadbeta(which also looks like an older Mercedes),some older Mercedes vans,Unimog type vehicle and finally a G Wagen copy.  : Force Motors LTD.
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