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  1. simonl

    '97 SLK 230K Acceleration Problem

    Hi all, I have a '97 SLK 230K. The performance recently has been doing my head in. I have to accelerate very carefully and not press the accelerator too far in order to build up speed. I have to lift of the accel pedal to get the car to shift up and continue building speed. It doesn't occur...
  2. simonl

    childish friday fun: captain poo! :D
  3. simonl

    may they rot in hell

    Some w**k keyed my bootlid last night. :mad: I hope they die a very painful lonely death after living a pathetic miserable life. ~£250 to fix - having just been made redundant it couldn't have come at a worse time. well i'm off to the gym to vent some anger :devil: :mad...
  4. simonl

    who's bin a silly boy....... :D
  5. simonl

    Tough on crime......or maybe not....... good to see the justice system ensuring vandals are kept out of harms way...... :rolleyes:
  6. simonl

    SLK230: All mouth and no trousers

    Hi all, I don't know if it's me but lately, when i kick down at anything above say 40/50, my car seems to go thru the motions of trying to accelerate but then not actually doing a very good job of it. Drops down a gear, high revs, but not much acceleration. I've just had a new air filter...
  7. simonl - good or bad?

    Hi all, Just got a invite from a friend to sign up to ( First impressions I'm thinking "What's the catch". I've found a few sites on the web giving it a slagging but then i'm sure i could find slaggings on the web for any company. has anybody used
  8. simonl

    free ponies....woohoo!

    got my car dyno'ed this w/e (for fun). std spec - no mods. book says 193bhp. i got 202.6bhp! yippeee!!! :D :bannana:
  9. simonl

    Chatelherault Classic Car Show piccys

    Hi all, Been lying low for a while. Was at the Chatelherault Classic Car Show nr Glasgow a couple of weeks back. There was an MB stand - MB Owners' Club I think :confused: . Anyway, I got a few piccys, so here they one of my own (of course) :D enjoy. si
  10. simonl

    For people who mod their cars........

    Saw this on another forum and thought i'd pass it along. Probably won't apply to most people but if you want to change the pulley on your supercharger or are lucky enough to let brabus/carlsson/etc "play" with your car you could get caught out by this........
  11. simonl

    another new slk thread....

    just got an invite to the pre-launch viewing and test drive of the new SLK200 and SLK350. It was last weekend. Fan-f***ing-tastic. Nice one royal mail. :mad: :(
  12. simonl

    Are parts from Europe cheaper?

    Hi all, I got a quote for some SLK facelift sideskirts today and it was blinking pricey imo; £365 for a couple of bits of (unpainted) plastic. :eek: I was wondering if the parts would be cheaper if i could get them from mainland europe. (since servicing seems a lot cheaper). if so...
  13. simonl

    My weekend @ Fast Car Full On

    Had a top w/e just gone. Went to the Fast Car Full On in Edinburgh. Car show featuring modified cars, amazing ICE systems, and Russ Swift showing us how parallel parking should be done. :eek: :D Got a helicopter ride which was fantastic - never been in one before. And you could also get...
  14. simonl

    Leaving for Italy....... become a traffic cop! :rock: :rock: ciao!!!!! :cool:
  15. simonl


  16. simonl

    you love bunny?

    remove heavy objects from reach before playing. best with sound.
  17. simonl

    WinRG - upgrade NOW!!!
  18. simonl

    nova squad rockin' big styleeeee

    pmsl. needs sound....... :rock: :rock: :D
  19. simonl

    Oil leak :(

    My car is leaking oil. It's booked in for Monday and I have a MB used car warranty. At the stealers yesterday the guy seemed to think it would be a warranty claim. However, what happens with all the oil that's already in there? It had an A-service 2 months ago (different stealer) so I be...
  20. simonl

    What's your DuckType?

    i'm a super hero duck! what are you?
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