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  1. Andrew W

    Cls 55 rising up !!

    Wonder if anyone can help me with my cls Basically it will rise to its full hight on its own and stay there till it decides to release the air . It seems to do it if you give the car some stick . If you park it on a hill it seems to return to its level quicker but not always .could it be a...
  2. Andrew W

    Audi rs7 ride

    I had the pleasure of taking a twin turbo RS7 out today , what a great car , very engaging with the noise pops and bangs , gearbox amazing . It was very quick too but wouldn't say it was miles apart from my cls , it did everything very well but didn't feel brutal ;)
  3. Andrew W

    Cls55 window problem

    Evening , so I fitted the new window regulator and all good but the window is not dropping the little bit to allow the door to open or close without doing it manually , when you touch the door handle it should drop , I've tried the window reset maybe not done it properly though ! does...
  4. Andrew W

    Gave the cls55 a freshen up ;)

  5. Andrew W

    Cls widow cable fail

    Just what I need this week my window mechanism made an awful crunching noise yesterday , after some research I believe the cables have snapped :( Anyone had similar , there's a kit with new Cables and springs ect you can buy fairly cheap but doesn't look like a fun job ;(
  6. Andrew W

    Fastest car you have been in ??

    Had a ride in a skyline GT35 this week,apparently it was making around 600bhp , this was the fastest car I've been in ,it really was breathtaking !!
  7. Andrew W

    very special c63 That's one hell of a conversion
  8. Andrew W

    CLS 55 wanted

    Wanted for a family member a nice Cls55 Descent miles and black but would consider silver with the right spec ect thanks .
  9. Andrew W

    AMG convert ..

    Well having a good chat over Xmas with the daughters farther in law about cars ie my cls55 he had a drive in it this eve and he was gobsmacked with it , having had a few M3s and an XKR a few years ago he couldn't believe the power difference ;) .He had no idea about the AMG thing and what you...
  10. Andrew W

    PDV 1 Reg mumber

    A friend of mine might consider selling his plate if he got a good offer , any Peter Davises on here ;)
  11. Andrew W

    Cls 55 airmatic pump fixed

    Just fitted the new piston ring & O ring to my pump , 30 mins job done . She now lifts instantly and the pump is quieter too. I used the kit from BagpipeAndy (eBay) £25 I didn't even remove the pump ,just remove the 2 bolts holding the cylinder head on and drop it down ,replace piston ring and...
  12. Andrew W

    Cls55 airmatic pump

    I want to change the piston ring in my pump as it's got lazy due to the leek I had . Can I just take the pump off . Was wondering if it had a valve on the system to keep the air in or will I need to support the car when it's all released . Cheers
  13. Andrew W

    Android head unit for cls

    There's a few on eBay to fit my car are they any good Anyone any experience with these , they seem to have all the bells and whistles , thank you .
  14. Andrew W

    Wtf E55k

    Look at this on eBay: 2005 Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.4 E55 AMG 4dr
  15. Andrew W

    My cars vandelised (not cls)

    Well work up this morning by the other half being hysterical ,she went to her car Audi TT that I bought for her last month and she adores it to find someone had squirted some kind of paint Stripper all over the back of it , I then looked at my white caddy can and on the near side it was...
  16. Andrew W

    E63 , what a nice car
  17. Andrew W

    Cls55 gear change

    Do find my car seems rather slow to go up the gears in manual mode , it feels like an age to feel the next gear , I know you can have a map on the Soft wear but would this speed it up or is it just how this old rugged box is !!
  18. Andrew W

    Droning noise , sawtooth tyres .

    Be been getting this annoying droning/humming Noise from the front of my cls55 , I thought it was wheel bearings but having done some digging it seems very common especially on VAG cars , The inside edge of the tyres were unevenly hence the name sawtooth tyre wear ! Mind have done exactly...
  19. Andrew W

    Cls55 Engine room .

    Gave the engine bay a freshen up today. The alloy was looking tied so gave it a coat of graphite grey which looks factory fresh . Going to clean the rockers when I do the plugs .
  20. Andrew W

    Mclaren SLR performance

    I'm guessing there's a fair few cars on here with more power than the mighty SLR . How hard is it to get close to 600bhp and 580lb/FT torque with our 55k engines and would the performance figures be as good . I know I can't afford an SLR but may possibly get my CLS55 to go like one , maybe !
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