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    rattly timing chain on M103 engine

    Please help me work out whether i need a new timing chain tensioner or whether i am suffering from 'pinking'. My old 300E sounds ever so slightly like a diesel when it starts but then quietens - except when up a hill and then a faint rattling can be heard. Is this the chain or is it pinking...
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    what colour is my old 300E?

    if anyone can say for sure what mercedes colour code this it, i would be grateful many thanks stringer ps, i was told it was 'champagne' by the owner but he was not so sure
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    m103 timing chain and synthetic oil...

    hi the timing chain on my m103 engine occassionally rattles when engine is hot an i was wondering whether this was anything to do with the fact that i put in synthetic oil by mistake. If i went back to 20/50 mineral, would that quieten it a bit? thanks MJ in Beirut
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    W124 heater blower problem

    i have an ancient 300E which has just lost its heater blower function and AC. It's bloody freezing here at the moment so any help appreciated to locate both fuzes where is Dieselman, Grober, Stwat when you need 'em eh? MJ
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    blower fan in 300E packed up, help

    sorry to re-post this moderators but i didn't get any reply in 'electrical'. All my blower fans are out along with air con, etc i checked the fuse but i wanted to know where is the second fuse/regulator? any help appreciated mj
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    300E blower fans just stopped...

    ...can anyone help me locate the 'second' fuze? or it is regulator? I'm assuming that the main one is number 7? thanks MJ
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    300E blower fans and AC all gone

    I'm guessing it's a fuse issue but i've checked the ones in the box. Just don't know where the 'other' one is which i read about/ can anyone help? It's f-f-f-f-f-freezing here in the middle east (although the photo of the pyramids with snow on was a hoax, i admit) thanks mj in Beirut
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    tapety tap tap m103

    any advice appreciated on changing a cam lifter. Or is it really as simple as popping the old one out and pushing a new one in? I"m guessing there's more to it than that but I tried the Wyns-type treatment and it didn't work so i thought i might as well buy an aftermarket one for about 5 quid...
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    m103 cam to find the dodgy ones....

    hi does the motley crew have any tips on how to quickly identify the cam lifters which are not working properly? If i took the rocker cover off and started the engine (warmed up) would it be evident from the noise? Or is there a clever shade-tree way of listening with a dutch cap and a...
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    tap-tap-tap....are my cam lifters telling me something?

    hi all i just put back my rockers after changing all the valve seals and i just noticed that one of the cam lifters seems to be sticking - and of course more so when it's cold. What's the best remedy? take them out and replace them? Are they expensive? Or can something be done? thanks...
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    synthetic iol for a m103? aaarrrgghhhh.....

    i know. it's dumb, but i just wasn;'t paying attention and did the annual oil change and filter - only to find that i had chucked in almost 6 litres of fully synthetic 20/50. Is this automatically a bad thing and should i drain it right away? I mean, is there an danger of damage on an old (but...
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    duty cycle frozen at 20%

    can anyone give me an idea what is the checklist under these circumstances please? I've managed to get the engine to run reasonably smoothly but i understand that the duty cycle should be up at 50% but when i try and make the mixture richer, it dies. Possibly faulty temp sensor? EHA? If i...
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    m103 engine misfires at 2000 rpm...

    ....but runs very smoothly up to that point. I've just redone the valve seals and have noticed now that all the plugs are in great condition (no more oiling up). Just dont know where to start as it feels like it is being starved of fuel - but experience has taught me that usually when you...
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    new m103 valve seals have caused smoking...confused?

    I am ! Can anyone shed any light on this? I changed the valve seals and though that i had solved the problem of plugs oiling up - but in fact i have noticed when the engine is warmed up, there is a small trace of blue smoke, which was not there before....This happens when i rev up to about 3000...
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    M103 rocker bolt thread

    any advice on this would be very much appreciated. Am doing the old indian rope trick and replacing the valve stem seals. And what a bugger it is. If you don't get the nylon rope in the pot exactly right, then the valve does not hold completely still and you can't get the collets to pop out...
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    cant find the x-11 diagnostic block on a

    an trying to give the old bird a tune up by adjusting the mixture, but cant locate this little block, which i originally mistook for the EZL. can anyone help? M in Beirut
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    k-tronic adjustment...for those without a duty cycle multimeter

    Still struggling to work out why my plugs are still misfiring after going to a hotter plug and now NOT seeing the awful black shiny blob of oil on the plugs (previously) but getting a different kind of 'reading'. Is it possible that with my adjustement of the mixture screw that my new LEAN...
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    World War III and spark plugs

    Dear esteemed members there is a bloody massive war here about to kick off, which is a bit of a bugger as i haven't resolved the conundrum of why my plugs are ever-so-slightly oiling up and eventually misfiring. There is no significant loss of oil. And no blue smoke. But if i go on a long...
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    ye olde oily spark plug fable

    hi can anyone resolve this? number six pot is burning some oil and it fouls up the plug pretty quickly. I've been told to put a 'hotter' spark plug which will burn some of the oil off....but which one? I already tried an NGK A6FS. Should i go even hotter? all advice greatly appreciated. m...
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    nickel spark plugs for an oil burning engine

    yes, yes, for your smarties, this is still the bosch fuel distributor quiz...but i;m still buggered. my 300e keeps missing and my mechanic reckons it is isolated to cylinder number 6 which he says is burning a little more oil that the others. he says that using a 'hotter' spark plug will resolve...
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