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    COMAND NTG5*1 Europe new map release

    "Europe 2021 V15.0" got released last night. Its for COMAND NTG5*1. Media part number A217 003 77 99 NTG5*1 was fitted to these models: - GLE/GLS (166) (from when ML changed to GLE, and GL changed to GLS) E classes (212/207) from MY2015 facelift A/B/CLA/GLA (176/246/117/156) from...
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    NTG5*2 and NTG5.5 new map releases

    A new map for COMAND NTG5*2 (V14 - 2020) was released late last week (and PIN codes then became available today or over the weekend), and NTG5.5 V18.0 was released a week or two ago. If your C/GLC/E/S/Vito/AMG-GT is about to be 3 years old, at least get the map PIN whilst it it is still free...
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    R230 SL Panaramic roof in silver wanted

    Im after a silver pan roof for a R230 SL - for a little project ! Also, a nappa leather interior (dashboard, seats, door cards, etc etc etc etc, loads of it). Both for friends cars that they would like me to update as they are keeping them for ever if they can get the parts ... So if any of...
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    M55ODG CLK55

    Any forum owner own this ? It was my first AMG :-). CLK55 in Designo varicolour 1 (or was it 2) - Current owner has owned it since 2003 ! R
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    2016 GLC250d with loads of options

    My (1st September 2016) GLC 250d with basically all options except night pack and perfume dispenser goes back to Mercedes just before 1st September. Approx 36300 miles Brilliant Blue with Chrome Premium Plus (so COMAND, Pan Roof, Burmeister, Keyless Go, heated memory seats, folding/dimming...
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    Comand NTG5*2 new map release

    Version 2019, 13.0 map was released for COMAND NTG5*2 (i.e in C, GLC, S, Vito, X class) this week. Naturally we can supply map update media and the official PIN codes .. Cheers Richard ps, current COMAND map for NTG5*1 is 2019 V11.0
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    AMG-GT 4 Door 63, 53 and 43 ! 2WD and 2WD

    It looks like more model are coming ... The launch info shows GT63 / GT63s in 09/2018 (4-Matic) (430KW/470KW) (800NM, 900NM) GT53 in 12/2018 (4-Matic) (320+16 KW) (520+250 NM) And WIS also shows a GT43 4-Matic, and EPC also shows a 2WD version of that. Richard (whoops, can't correct the...
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    AMG A45 KM/H Instrument Cluster (320KM/H)

    Hi We've got a used (~4000 mile) KM/H cluster from an A45. If you want to install it, it will need to be factory reset by a cluster repair company (to get the mileage back to zero and remove the VIN) and then installed using Star Diagnosis. But, a nice addition to your A class (assuming you...
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    W204 and W212 MY10-13 Reverse camera special offer

    Hi All Time for a special offer for the W204 with COMAND, and W212 model year 2010 - 2013 with COMAND reverse cameras. Normally we'd do these at £599, but until the end of the month we can do them at £499 inc VAT/fitting etc in Lightwater. Car has to have COMAND as that has the video input...
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    New NTG5.5 Map (Europe and USA versions)

    As of a few days ago there are new NTG5.5 maps for Europe, and for USA for cars with COMAND (i.e. with the massive screen!!). Both are Version 10 NTG5.5 is in the new E class, and I believe in the latest facelift of the S class. Europe is about 40GB long, and I believe your car will download...
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    GLC rear heated seats

    Well, i've started my GLC rear heated seat retrofit. Door cards done, genuine pads installed in the seat bases - still to to the seat backs and make a wiring loom - but i'm waiting for the connectors to connect to the pads. Very dissapointed children who have now pressed the button, it...
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    W204 Reverse Camera (cars with COMAND) offer

    I've managed to buy too many sets of W204 reverse cameras for Saloons and Coupes :-( So for the first 4 customers (needs to be W204 saloon or coupe WITH COMAND navigation system), we can do them for £499 fully installed including updating the datacard to show its got factory reverse camera. If...
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    Lates NTG5 map disk versions

    FYI, latest map versions for NTG5 Europe maps are as follows NTG5*1 V9.0 A218 827 56 00 NTG5*2 V12.0 A222 827 01 01 NTG5.5 V7.0 A213 827 71 00 You'll need map PIN (i.e licence for each vehicle) though We have the updates in our workshop if you've run out of 3 years updates (possibly...
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    Camouflaged W205 coupe on COMAND

    Those with NTG5 Comand know that in many menus the COMAND shows a stylised picture of the car. We put a customer supplied COMAND into a car today and because it came from a car that was older than the 205 coupe, it showed a 205 coupe in camouflage ! I rather liked that :-) Richard
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    Residual Heat function in GLC X253 / C W205

    Mercedes used to always have a residual heat function where the coolant could keep being pumped through the heater matrix when the car was off. This meant you could run the heating in the car for a long time with the engine off, great when waiting for someone (like the kids). They they then...
  16. R Cyber Monday discount

    Hi All To share the joy of a new week, and it being Cyber Monday, if you use the coupon CYBERMONDAY (at the bottom of the basket page) today, you'll get 10% off Perfect timing for a map update or just a gift / keyring etc Cheers Richard
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    NTG4.5 integrated DAB aftermarket system

    Hi in2digi have now launched their fully integrated (i.e use it via the head unit's DAB controls as shown in the car's manual) for NTG4.5 cars. See The NTG4.5 car's head unit needs to have a fibre optic connection, which means it needs...
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    W176 A220CDI Auto Grey 2014/64 plate

    Hi I'm about to sell our very well spec'ed A Class, 1st registered 31/10/2014 with the service plan and 3 year warranty. 36500 miles A220CDI AMG Sport Mountain Grey, has Automatic Gearbox Black Leather and heated front seatts COMAND with Live Traffic and Media Interface and...
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    2013 ML63 for sale

    Hi A trader friend of mine is selling my well spec'ed ML63. Sad to see it go but I'm doing loads of miles now and a diesel GLC is on it's way :-( Its Jan 2013 on a 62 plate, 36k miles and Mercedes Tier 1 warranty (which you can extend) until Jan 17. Metallic Black with Black leather...
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    NTG2.5 Europe 2016/2017 V14 map now released

    Hi All, Mercedes have released the new NTG2.5 map. They have put the price up to £181+VAT = £217.20 .. We have it here (at a slightly more sensible price, and of course you can get forum discount if you ask for the forum discount code code in advance and qualify)...
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