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    W212 Research

    We need an estate here at Home for our weekend pastime, this role is currently served by our Volvo V70 D5. Im quite attached to this old chap very comfortable, quite simple and low key. I would ,rationally just get another,a face lift post 2012 D5 but they seem to have a bit of a following and...
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    E55 Manual swap

    Browsing youtube
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    CL thats not Black or silver

    I have been looking for a while for a CL500 in a colour since that Blue one that was talked about earlier in the year, its a long way away but im in Essex a week today so im going to view it...
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    This must be Schill bidding

    Nearly half a million miles and a crash repair to do?
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    Coolant level sensor Connector

    Could some body. if fettling your underbody area any time soon post a picture of your coolant temp sensor connector, the female part on the loom, most probably looking at cares in the 2004-2010 period. Thanks
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    The spotty glare reducer on the front screen

    Does anybody know the correct term for the spotty decal at the back of the rear view mirror? of know a vendor of such??
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    Just Fabulous

    Mercedes CLS63 AMG CLS63 AMG 4d | eBay Love it
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    And a Saloon (E500)

    2003 Mercedes E500 V8 ULEZ compatible | eBay Belongs to a member of TZ-UK where i lurk, got to be a steal for somebody.
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    WTB Electric water pump loom connector

    As above, the loom end connector for the Bosch electric 0 392 022 010 water pump.
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    Cost of big finance.

    i have never been one for the finance, but now have a fancy to buy a car way out of my debit card. Without troubling the dealership and them thinking im a prospect at this time,could somebody who recently spent this kinda of money intimate what payments i might expect car is 92k and i want to...
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    Uncle John is retiring.

    Of no interest really except he has a 2004 E320cdi sallon that went past 400k last year and i told him at christmas i wanted it,to see how far it would go/last. He bought it new, his 3rd MB in 35 years all driven soley by him for mega miles W123 300D 196K, W124 300D 377K and now this, a plain...
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    2 Piece wheel refurb

    Anyone used a company in or around Leed/Bradford area for this type of rim.
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    I am looking for a e320 cdi my w124 finally gave up the MOT game due to corrosion, lots of it . Sold from the end of my driveway to a lad who got a MIG set for christmas i guess. I have seen this 2004 Silver MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS 3.2 E320 TD CDI Elegance 5dr for sale for £3495 Now assuming...
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    this has been really busy

    2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 7 Speed Tip Auto Estate | eBay Seems expensive to me.
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    Side swiped on A1

    today I was struck on the offside by a Q5 while still in lane 2:mad: Pulling in after an overtake a q5 forced his way into the gap,two wheels on the grass. Massive rubber donut on my motor and bumper paint on my DRIVERS door handle. He then failed to stop:eek:
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    Cool looking coupe.

    mercedes benz 280 coupe w114 | eBay
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    Fancy a W115

    Getting the urge for another old Mercedes to go with my w124. Would like a car that is fairly together as I have never funded major corrosion repair.Not many over here at the moment but plenty of candidates over in Germany. What is involved with fetching one over?
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    Nice looking 300d

    1995 Mercedes Benz E Class W124 E300 Diesel Auto 7 Seater 4 Door Estate | eBay
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    Lovely looking e280

    Mercedes E280 Sportline W124 NO RESERVE | eBay I like this.
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    Non MB...BMW 330d se Coupe

    Mar 07 BMW 330d SE auto coupe 73,300 miles mainly motorway and a great spec; First registered 26.03.2007 Space Grey Full black Dakota leather interior Classic SE radial spoke 17” alloys Automatic gearbox Multi functions sports steering wheel Remote control alarm High gloss piano black trim Auto...
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