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  1. Sonny Burnett

    1990 w124 230CE - 300CE catalogue

    Hi guys just cutting down on my collection, used to be obsessed with getting a 300 but that time has been and gone, mint catalogue with price lists and UK spec sheet in the back. Papal a tenna and il bung it in the post.
  2. Sonny Burnett

    W203 mirror indicator lens

    Hi Fellas, anyone have a part number for the front indicator lens for the mirror indicators? Can't seem to clock it and eBay turns up the entire mirror.
  3. Sonny Burnett

    Looking to Swap - 18" Genuine AMG Star Alloys

    Hi guys i don't know if this is the correct area to post but i'm a bit tired of the rims on my 208 55 and im looking to swap for some other genuine 18" wheels. unblemished with only a tiny tiny mark on drivers rear, Fronts are pirelli P Zero with about 60% and rears are cheapo suomos (or...
  4. Sonny Burnett

    Wanted w163 Tow Bar, KickPlates, other parts

    Hi Guys im after some parts for the w163 99 year, a tow bar, the side kick plates and a front bull bar, can do cash or bacs, let me know
  5. Sonny Burnett

    w163 ML430 Sluggish throttle

    Hi Guys haven't posted in a while but i have an elderly neighbor who for some reason bought himself a 99 ML430 with 100k on it, he knows im into my mercs having got half a dealer parked outside, he poped over to show me and for 1200 its one of the cleanest MLs i have seen i give it a quick drive...
  6. Sonny Burnett

    FS: Carlsson 3/6 3 piece 18" x4 with tyres

    Hi Guys, I have listed my beloved carlsson 3/6 rims ( bought from a member on here ) on ebay. Carlsson 3/6 3 piece 18" x4 with tyres | eBay Thanks, James.
  7. Sonny Burnett

    Help ID what phone/bluetooth adapter i need

    Hi Guys, Just need a little help as the title suggests, i have this cradle that i have no idea what phone is compatible, also the part number is useless. any one have any ideas?
  8. Sonny Burnett

    patten wings on and painted. W208 55AMG

    Hey guys, Finally have my euro car part wings on, surprisingly good fit. Had a lot of drama with this car, nothing to do with drivability, but the corrosion was the worst i have seen - Think old sprinter. any way underneath its like brand new. fitment of the new wings is not 100%...
  9. Sonny Burnett

    New suspension help

    Hi guys. After some research I have decided on new shoes ks and springs and came across these on ebay Look at this on eBay H&R Cupkit Suspension for Mercedes Benz W208 (CLK) Cabrio/ Convertible 40749-4 | eBay Anyone used these before it says 8 cylinder cars but would these be suitable for...
  10. Sonny Burnett

    W208 exterior plastic clips Help

    Hi guys Finally had the wings changed for euro car parts ones which actually fit almost perfectly. My old wings and trims plastic clips where completely ruined and I need help sourcing replacements, images attached to show what it is exactly I'm after. Any help greatly appreciated. Sent...
  11. Sonny Burnett

    Paint and body work suffolk

    Hi Guys, I finally got around 2 getting 2x new wings for my 55, I'm in Ipswich and looking for some one to paint them hopefully someone who knows what they are doing. Can anyone make a recommendation. Thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. Sonny Burnett

    Very loud noise coming from drivers door W208 CLK55

    Hi guys, Odd one, got my car cleaned today as I'm driving away a very Lound, high pitched noise started to come from my speakers, the drivers door especially, anyone had this issue before? I have uploaded a video of the issue, it does go away if I turn off the stereo. Thanks...
  13. Sonny Burnett

    W208 H&R Cupkit

    Hi guys anyone used these bad boys before. Look at this on eBay H&R Cupkit Suspension for Mercedes Benz W208 (CLK) Cabrio/ Convertible 40749-4 | eBay If so I'd like to hear thoughts. Thanks W208AMG
  14. Sonny Burnett

    W208 CLK55 odd Gearbox issue

    Hi Guys, Got a odd issue that I have just noticed today. If I'm driving and slip the gearbox into N for a quick readline say and then go back into D the gear does not engage. Even of I pull over go go to P whatever the gear indicator changes on the clocks but the car stays in neutral, I have to...
  15. Sonny Burnett

    Command 2 Phone cradle with cable

    if anyone has one for sale let me know
  16. Sonny Burnett

    JOM Adjustable set

    Hi everyone, Anyone used JOM suspension at all, information is a plenty in the bmw world, just wanted to know if anyone has used them on a mercedes.
  17. Sonny Burnett

    W208 new wings

    Hi everyone, I'd like to replace my front wings but I can only find aftermarket parts from euro car parts anyone used these aftermarket wings on a w208 before ? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  18. Sonny Burnett

    Help me identify stalk

    Hi guys never in all the mercs I have owned have I seen this stalk can't find much about it online does anyone know what it does ? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  19. Sonny Burnett

    W208 Command Phone

    Hi Guys, Not really sure what i need but i just got a 2001CLK55 with no built in phone, I know its largely useless but id still like to have it, in the centre armrest i have the network looking type socket, i have searched online but keep ending up returning results off looms. it appears...
  20. Sonny Burnett

    170 Wheel Help

    Hey guys, I checked the sticky but i couldn't make much sense of it, im 99% sure im being thick, would 17x8 ET48, 4x114.3 fit on my 170 SLK? Many thanks.
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