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  1. smillion

    Can I turn off washer jets for the headlights?

    At this time of year I find myself cleaning the windscreen of flies etc. After the pre-requisite number of windscreen cleans the jets activate on the headlights covering the front of my lovely black SL350 with the fluid, which then dries to leave watermarks etc. Does anyone know whether I can...
  2. smillion

    Company director jailed after fitting laser jammer to Range Rover and giving speed cameras the finge 8 months in prison- perverting the course of justice ....
  3. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    Is it just me ? I'm fed up reading about stella mpg and minuscule co2 emissions on hybrid exec cars, which attract all the relevant benefits of low emission vehicles including full tax allowances for businesses that buy them and low benefit in kind for employees that run them. And yet "real...
  4. smillion

    SL 350 buying advice

    My sons have grown up and have their own cars and so the need for a 4 door car is now less. As a HUGE Merc advocate I'm now looking at the SL. Needing fuel economy (and so a 350 for me) and a panoramic roof, is there anything else I should consider when buying one if these. I'm looking at...
  5. smillion

    DRLs don't mean rears are on!!! Is it me ?

    Day after day in fog, rain and dusk, the number of cars with no lights or relying on their front facing Daylight Running Lights, seems huge. I know my own automatic lights don't always activate in fog, but I have the sense nonetheless to switch them on manually. And as for rain etc. I travel...
  6. smillion

    E class W211 AMG E320 76,000m petrol 2004

    My son's E class is for sale on Autotrader: Low miles @ 76,000 Very high spec including factory fitted AMG bodykit and quad pipe exhaust and 18" AMG alloy wheels. Panoramic sunroof and full leather and SatNav. Heated and memory seats. DVD player and 6 CD changer. Looks like an E55...
  7. smillion

    Mercedes Me = Tracker?

    Does anyone know whether the Mercedes Me app acts as an acceptable tracker for car insurance purposes? I know I can trace my car if I've forgotten where I parked it, provided its within a certain radius (as if i'd ever do that :confused:) however I wondered whether the system could track the car...
  8. smillion

    Mercedes me app

    Well what a pile of poo. Feckin hopeless in my view, considering the brand that it is meant to represent. Everything about it disappoints. From a tortuous log in that requires a password far more complex than my bank, together with one of those "type in the chracaters" in the box which...
  9. smillion

    Space saver CLS350 C218

    Wanted, space saver. Please email Thanks
  10. smillion

    My 17 year old son's W211 E320 V6

    Who'd have thought ? 13 years ago I bought my first ever brand new Mercedes, an E270 cdi W211. An awesome car and I was very very chuffed. I was 40. Fast forward to 2015, and after 8 months with a driving licence and in a BMW 116i, my 17 year old son asks if he could get a W211 E class, only he...
  11. smillion

    Lowering links on my new CLS, how low to go?

    Tomorrow I am getting adjustable lowering links fitted to the airmatic of my 2015 MY CLS. Does anyone have any experience of fitting these to the CLS and how low to go. The lower the better without compromising safety etc. Thanks Marc
  12. smillion

    W211 E320cdi or E500

    Wanted For my son No more than 100,000 miles panoramic sunroof desirable More options the better. Call me (to 9pm) or e-mail Marc 07917566402 Thanks
  13. smillion

    Command online with Tom Tom traffic

    For some reason the live traffic information has stopped working such that regardless of where I navigate to, there are no traffic problems to be had. In contrast to the Map app no my HTC, and the fact that I'm actually sitting in a jam! Any thoughts what can be done to rectify? It's on a...
  14. smillion

    Command using Tom Tom, but no camera data

    Well, the latest Comand as far as i know, Internet access when stationery and the navigation provided by Tom Tom with a three year subscription.......and still you have to faff about with an SD card to import Personal Points of Interest to download £20 of data from pocketgps world dot com. Why...
  15. smillion

    Collected the 2015 CLS - pictures .....

    A few quick pictures as it has been a long day, driving 6 hours return to collect: CLS 350 AMG Line Premium Plus (Memory, Keyless, Sunroof etc etc etc ) Privacy glass Driving impressions to follow tomorrow - an awesome car
  16. smillion

    Today I sold the CLS, and tomorrow a new one is being collected.

    The best all round car I have ever owned, my 2011 CLS 350 AMG Sport sold today, and tomorrow I collect my brand new face lifted 9g CLS AMG Line 350 Surprisingly sad at fact my CLS is gone, excited by the features of the new one .... Photos will follow. Marc
  17. smillion

    Big day tomorrow , 1965 Mustang !

    Tomorrow I am going to Southampton, with an old friend, dressed as jake and Elwood form the blues brothers, to collect a 1965 Mustang V8 coupe from the port. Keep your fingers crossed that it is the car pictured in the eBay ad I saw 7 weeks ago; that it really is road worthy; that it stays dry...
  18. smillion

    Designo Alanite Grey - thoughts ?

    The new CLS is on order, Diamond Whie as my current car, but mad moment about the Designo Alanite Grey..... Seems to be a sort of Matt Grey, which as a student in the 80s I feel I could have "rattle canned" from the local auto parts shop What do the team think ? Worth £2,500 because no other...
  19. smillion

    Aargh, kerbs in Monaco car parks . :(

    Why do I feel like a learner driver again the minute I'm faced with a French underground car park more suited to a Renault 4 or 2CV, complete with helter skelter entrances and exits with 12" kerbs ....". The CLS did not fair well today and I only have myself to blame for the fact that I now...
  20. smillion

    New 2015 CLS ordererd - Orange Wheels dot com

    Yesterday I ordered the 2015 CLS for delivery last week of October. There seems to be very little with the dealers about the specific specs and it was a forum member that put me onto the Internet new car websites which do seem to have some details. Ended up on Orange Wheels and what an...
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