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    SLK R171 3rd brake light replacement / removal

    Hi all, the 3rd brake light in the boot lid has stopped working has anyone had replaced theirs ? would be very grateful if someone can explain to me how it comes out, as I cant figure out how to the remove it from the boot lid? l have removed the plastic from inside the boot lid, but thats as...
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    Sl350 sport front calipers for sale

    SL350 SPORT FRONT CALIPERS FOR SALE I have a pair of sl350 "sports" front calipers, in excellent used condition (all pistons move freely etc) complete with new pads and pin/spring set I also have a pair of used 350mm used disc's that you can have if you wish these calipers (and disc's)...
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    Painting Genuine Mercedes discs

    I have bought a set of genuine mercedes discs for my sl350, the discs are supplied painted in a grey "protective" coating. I am going to spray paint the discs with VHT paint before I fit them, my question is has anyone else done the same thing, did you remove all of the grey "protective"...
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    This is a vin decoder that works

    VIN decoder is the best online tool to check vin number | :thumb: HOPE THIS HELPS :bannana:
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    This is a vin decoder that works

    VIN decoder is the best online tool to check vin number | :thumb: hope this helps you :bannana:
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    ATE brake disc & pads for 2009 SL350

    does anyone know were I can buy ATE brakes pads & disc for my 2009 sl350? thanks in advance
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    wet paint diamond cut wheels refurb

    Hi, does anyone know a wheel refurb that does wet paint diamond cut wheels refurbs every where I phoned so far only does powder coating, and I prefer wet paint (as original Mercedes finish) I'm based in Birmingham, so west Midlands area would be ideal thanks in advance
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    slk 350 sports suspension rear springs wanted

    Hi All, I have been searching the net for some new rear springs for my 2005 slk350 with sports suspension, I can find plenty for slk350 with standard suspension but not for slk350 with the sports suspension package can anyone tell me where to buy them from in the UK without going to MB...
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    2005 slk 350 171 srs warning light

    Hi All, I recently bought a 2005 slk350 and the SRS light comes on the dash when the ignition is switched on, but once the car is started it goes off can someone please tell me if this in normal or is there a fault :confused: thanks in advance
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    2005 slk350 brake pad replacement

    Hi all, I need to replace the brake pads on my 2005 slk350, does anyone recommendations on brands? thanks in advance
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    2005 slk350 replacement disc's

    The disc's (front & rear) are worn on my 2005 slk350. does anyone have any recomendations on which make/model of replacement disc to use? Thanks in advance
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    Diagnostic scanner code reader reset fault lights

    Hi all, I know there has been posted about this before I own a 2005 slk350 and I'm looking to buy a good quality DIY Diagnostic scanner/reader that will find/fix and reset all/most faults , I have had a look on the internet and there are so many on the market that the more research I do the...
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