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  1. Munkee

    Possible Mod??????

    Anyone with a W124 will know that the boot has two lovely deep pockets on either side to store all your goodies in. Mine consists of engine oil, WD40 can, maps, rain mac (incase I get a puncture when it's raining!) and lots of other bits and bobs; oh! yeah and the kitchen sink, naturally...
  2. Munkee

    Tax Disc Trauma!!!!!

    Hi, The last time I had to renew my tax disc, I also fitted a new tax holder. On Wednesday I have to renew it again. Problem is that I fitted one of those metal ones (see pic below) where you need a hexagon/allen key to open it, but I've lost it. :eek: Does any one know where I can get a...
  3. Munkee

    What is this??????

    Hi, found this pic of a pre-facelift W124 (below) in Google images. It has this really odd antenna thingy fitted to the bumper area, with the MB star on top! Does anyone know what it is??? Whatever it is, it looks really naff!!
  4. Munkee

    Hood Star

    Hi, Anyone know of a good company where I can order a facelift W124 hood star for a very reasonable price? I'm too busy (OK lazy!!) to go to a dealer or a private retailer, so I need a reputable company online. Cheers Munkee
  5. Munkee

    Which is the best colour for a Benz?

    Hi, my brother is getting his W124 saloon resprayed next week. The existing colour (which is the original factory paint) is dark grey or graphite grey. Should he get it resprayed the same colour or something similar? He is seriously thinking about black, but which black colour in particular...
  6. Munkee

    Gr8 fitness workout - by shutting a door?

    Hello people, I have a question that needs answering. Why the hell did MB make the doors on W124's so hard to close? You really have to slam it to shut the bloody thing, excuse my language! Is there any cure? Are there softer catches available for the 124 or can I fit a catch from another...
  7. Munkee


    Why is it that right hand drive Mercs have the ignition on the left hand side? I don't know if all Mercs have this feature but my W124 sure does! Also do any other car makers use this feature or is it just MB?
  8. Munkee

    Side Repeaters

    Would a pair of smooth side repeaters (like in the pic below) fit onto a W124 without leaving any gaps around the edge? How can I remove the existing repeaters from my W124 - are they stuck on and need to be pulled off, or is there a screw somewhere?? Thanks guys and gals (doesn't seem to...
  9. Munkee

    Blinking wing mirrors

    Would blinking wing mirrors (like the one in the pic) fit onto a W124? Can they be adapted somehow to fit? Would the W124's electrical connections be compatible for them?
  10. Munkee

    Armrest Query

    Are high centre console storage boxes, (which also acts as an armrest) ever used on cars with manual seat adjustment? Reason I ask is cos would there be enough space to squeaze your hand to turn the recline adjustment wheel? I have seen these high centre console boxes in C classes but I was...
  11. Munkee

    Mercedes Sales Figures

    Mercedes sales figures seem to be going up and up and up and up and up, so far that it's now sky high!!! :D
  12. Munkee

    W210 Door handles on a W124?

    Would W210 door handles fit onto a W124? Or where can I get W124 door handles with a chrome strip running either through the centre of the handle or at the top edge? - Am I making sense! :confused:
  13. Munkee

    Swirl marks on paintwork - HELP!!

    I NEED HELP PLEASE. I bought my '95 E200 - 124 about 4 months ago when the weather was very dull and gloomy, so the paintwork on my car look gr8. Now with the sun coming out, I can see some swirl marks and stroke lines on the bonnet, roof and on some of the doors when the sun shines directly...
  14. Munkee

    W124 Buyers Guide

    Hi, found this W124 Buyers guide on, might be of interest, read on below. Sorry about the figures being in $ - b****y yanks!! 1- The cooling systems are notoriously problematic. If the car hasn't had a recently replaced radiator, watch the temp gauge closely. It should never exceed...
  15. Munkee

    Enquiry: Leather interior for W124

    I have an E200 W124 saloon and I want to upgrade to a leather interior. However I need some advice. Should I go for real leather or leather effect? Which is the best material to use to get a good leather effect which is also hardwearing and easy to maintain? I've heard of MB Tex - what's...
  16. Munkee

    Advice needed on petrol gauge

    It may sound like a silly question but when the needle on the petrol gauge is touching E (Empty), how many more mile can I squeeze out of it without damaging the engine. I have a '95 E200 (2 litre engine) if that makes any difference. Thanx in advance Munkee
  17. Munkee

    WANTED: W124 Avant Garde Grille

    I am looking for a new unused chrome Avant Garde front grille (or similar) for my W124 (facelift model). If you have one to sell or know someone who does then please send me a photo of it. Otherwise if you know of a good company that sells such products at a much cheaper price compared to MB...
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