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  1. AltonAnt

    W203 COMAND 2.0 and Audio 10 units

    I have a COMAND 2.0 comprising of the following: W203 specific COMAND 2.0 head unit Genuine Nav CD around 2007/2008 Adapter cable for Audio 10 GPS antenna Additional C2 connector unused (for aux in) Bluetooth receiver for above connector £150 Also a Becker Audio 10 CD/Radio and under storage...
  2. AltonAnt

    HT Cap removal tool

    Does anyone have a link for a tool to remove the HT caps on an M112/M113 such as this? If not is there something that could be used as an alternative? TIA Anthony
  3. AltonAnt

    A couple of beauties here

    Beauty being in the eye of the beholder and that... :eek: Mercedes Benz E240 Elegance Estate | eBay mercedes c200 kompressor estate | eBay
  4. AltonAnt

    Hi, What am I getting into?

    Hi all, For some reason I'm considering buying a 1991 500SEL I saw advertised for sale at the side of a local road. It looks good, has had two owners the current one for 20 years and has a long dealer service history. I do not use a car at all during the week and only occasionally at weekends...
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