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    Led headlights

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    Brake caliper covers (ML500 W164)

    I've got a GL that I am torn about getting covers for or having a go at removing priming and spraying a nice bright red and a mercedes decal sticker If you find anything that's good please hola
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    Led headlights

    I haven't seen that type yet it has two leads out one for the fan and one for the lights so it can be disassembled easier that would be the tell tale
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    Led headlights

    So I purchased the Phillips leds h7 they fitted great as you can unscrew the heat sink and put the holding tab in place I used these on the low beam I also bought some cheaper h7 s off eBay for £35 and put them on my main beam but they had to be wedged in to place The T10 side lights I...
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    G wagon w463 2002 facelift for sale

    Hi I'm posting my mates 2002 LHD g wagon 400cdi 120.000miles full service history x2 keys. Used everyday as a family car Call for more details 0741536784
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    Ml running boards

    There are nuts underneath that go into bolts that look like the rubber pads this will allow you to take off the aluminium
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    ML270 KEYS

    .most if not all auto locksmiths will be able replicate your orignal key
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    Mercedes ML270 eps/bas

    As soon. As you disconnect the battery your good to go
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    Mercedes ML270 eps/bas

    They are a great car I've had a few I had a esp bas light and one time it was a brake light switch and next it was electric bushes in the abs pump Also steering angle sensor can throw it up if tracking is out If I were you I would also bypass the egr valve and remove your swirl flaps and...
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    Led headlights

    I see they have H7 bulbs there too But like you said no ECE not sure what that is but sounds like I can ignore it as it will probably be approved at some point???? Still £175 is steep but I am tempted
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    Led headlights

    Ive found this it looks interesting but expensive they talk the talk But still everyone I talk to still says led headlights throw the light everywhere But the road. H7 Philips LUXEON ZES Headlight Kit - 4000 Lumens
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    Led headlights

    Mines a 2009 GL320 i was just saying that it's 2017 and there should be something with led tech for aftermarket bulbs that just work
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    Would you buy a Cat C or D write off?

    If done properly I would buy a cat d or c No worries as most cars these days are just a sum of parts
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    Star C3 C4 Diagnostic Tool & Software with Developer Mode

    Hi I've got a clone C3 with all of above and offline coding addons running 09/ 2014 on a 120gb ssd dell d630 I'm selling as I needed a C4 looking for £350
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    Led headlights

    Hi i would like to upgrade my GL320 headlights. To do a factory xenon conversion is to costly. so seeing that's it's 2017 could there be any decent led h7 bulbs that work better than what I've got I have seen a h7 with angle adjustment So not to blind oncoming traffic but £100 a pair is steep...
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    Add TV to Comand on 2007 ML500

    A tv retrofit isn't cheap as second hand parts are high I also had a Chinese head unit called a carpad nu3001 great bit of kit look it up on xda forum
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    Lowering with Links

    Ok so I loweredmy GL today by around 2cm by star and every thing looks good will get it tracked some point next week as I've heard it can throw it out
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    whos got star at home

    I'm selling my c3 (clone) with dell d630 laptop and xentry 09/2014 installed (thats the last version the c3 supports) if interested?
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    Update firmware on command NTG 2.5

    Went to the dealer in slough today They really don't want to know I pushed them to update the command firmware they told me it would be £170 to find out what firmware I need then another £500 to update the command firmware I ask why so much and they told me it takes a long time on the...
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