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  1. streethawk

    W211 sport camber bolts

    Any of you fine folks know the part numbers for front and rear camber bolts? Or somewhere to get after market ones what will do the job? . Had 4 wheel alignment done 2 years ago and camber was a nats out so left it. But rears still have plenty on but both in inners have worn so new tyres are...
  2. streethawk

    Headlight washers

    Hi folks All of a sudden my w211 e class headlight washers have stopped working. It has the button on the dash. Tried the 15 screen wash procedure and still no joy. Topped fluid up had lights on and driving etc but still nothing. I don't think there is a fuse but has anyone any ideas? I...
  3. streethawk

    w211 roof bars

    Hi iam looking for some roof bars . My w211 has a pan roof if this makes any difference. Thanks.
  4. streethawk

    beading porn

    5 hours of claying and polishing and interior now rain doh. At least it does what it say on the tin
  5. streethawk

    w211 e320cdi sport speedo

    Hi anyone got any ideas what's wrong with my speedo. It will sometimes stick in certain places with a little fluctuation and some time move ok ish but completely wrong and it will also work perfectly but I have to disconnect battery to reset it. Sometimes the rev counter also stops working but...
  6. streethawk

    e220 w212 leaks

    Hi guys my uncle took his e220 for a service at mb today with a full mb service history and being brought by him from said dealer 9 months ago and 15000 miles later. Two major problems! One was the inlet port shutoff motor has an oil leak they say and it either needs replacing or maybe a new...
  7. streethawk

    w211 instrument cluster

    Hi as anyone removed the cluster on a facelift w211? My speedo seems to be sticking in various places. Tried talking battery off which made it go back to zero but as soon as I drove it it's stuck at 30 ish mpg so I assume the gear ring is broken! With any luck. Also my sunroof has stopped...
  8. streethawk

    12 plate e220 w212 eco diesel

    Hi chaps anyone know of any known engine problems with these as my uncle has had one for a little while and his mates told him they have problems but i've not heard anything. Thanks.
  9. streethawk

    One off stainless steel keyring

    Just thought I'd share a few pictures of the keyring I knocked up at work whilst I had a bit of free time. Only one in the world ☺
  10. streethawk

    w211 e320cdi sport suspension

    Hi guys I was just wondering if any of you with a e320cdi sport could measure the height from floor to centre of the front arch as mine seems high. It had new springs on the front before I got it at mercedes and ive done lots of research to make sure they are the correct springs which they are...
  11. streethawk

    water marks on outer window trim

    Hi does anyone know of anything to remove what look like water marks off the gloss black trim at the bottom of the windows on my e320cdi sport. ? I've tried t cut and wd40 and polish and wax but it won't budge.
  12. streethawk

    wheel refurbishment done.

    Well guys I've had my rims done and very happy. Thanks for all the colour replies and think I choose right and went with most if you guys suggestions. Here are the results hope you agree.
  13. streethawk

    omg some help me

    My uncle is a numbty by the way. He has new to him a w212 as a taxi! He needs to attach Hackney cab sign so!!!!! He's drilled through the bloody rear sensor thinking it was a plug ha ha nob. How much for a new one and does it need coding and need to be from mb.
  14. streethawk

    e320cdi remap

    Hi does anybody know if when I take my car for a service at mb which will only consist of the minimum work to keep history up! I am assuming it only needs to go on a star when air filters are replaced? Mines a v6 by the way. Can mb tell without looking for it that it's been mapped? Also I've...
  15. streethawk

    wheel alinement

    Just had my e class on a John beam 3d wheel aligner. Wow thought she was good as drove straight with no problems but with new front boots I thought worth a check! Fronts were toeing in 6mm so well worth the check when tyres are 250 a pair on fronts. Definitely recommend this system because...
  16. streethawk

    continental 3 or 5?

    Hi I've got conti sports contact 3 all round at the moment but need new fronts. Which are better 3 or 5's and is it ok to mix 3 and 5's? as the rears have loads left. Cars a e320cdi sport v6 btw thanks.
  17. streethawk

    New wheel colour thoughts please

    Bit of a poll folks as I want to refurb my wheels so I think I'll change the colour too. Some pics here and I am edging towards shadow chrome first pic but also like the dark grey (front wheel pic) too but not sure if it's too dark! Let me know your thoughts thanks.
  18. streethawk

    New continentals.

    Hi I am just about to replace my front tyres on my e320cdi sport. It has at the moment 245/40/18 93y mo on the fronts but 97y on the rear extra load. My question is should it have 97y on the front or 93y?
  19. streethawk

    w204 stolen

    Hi as post suggests my uncle had his 61 plate w204 stolen this morning after his house had been done a few days before while on his holiday. Didn't notice his spare had gone when he came back so thieves obviously came back days later to take the car. It's my understanding you can't take...
  20. streethawk


    Hey guys my uncle has just brought a 61 plate c220cdi bluetec. Just curious if it's the engine with chocolate cam chain sprockets?.
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