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  1. Dizz

    Spark plugs and rocker box gasket oil leak

    2005 3.2 CLK Car is idling a bit lumpy this morning although seems to drive okay I’m wondering if oil is getting onto a spark plug as I have an oil leak from the Rocker box Do I need to remove the spark plugs to change this gasket. Is this a DIY job I know the spark plugs can seize up and be a...
  2. Dizz

    Car written off, can I stop insurance?

    The wife’s car has been written off as a total loss due to an accident that was not her fault, I have received a cheque from the insurance company although they haven asked for the V5/documentation. Not sure how to proceed with this, can I just stop making the direct debit insurance/road tax...
  3. Dizz

    Vehicle details could not be found

    Just did a vehicle check on DVLC for tax and MOT and it came back with .... ‘Vehicle details could not be found’ how can this be, is it a suspect car? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Dizz

    What’s this part for?

    2005 CLK, Talking about the white plastic thing behind the battery, it was hanging loose when I removed the battery cover. I could see it had lugs on it so I put it in the hole and gave it a twist and it locked into place. But what is it? Anyone have a clue? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Dizz

    TM motors any good

    Need to get my CLK electric problems looked at and TM Motors in West Molesey is probably the closest to me, anyone used them? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Dizz

    Drivers window dropped and won’t move

    2005 CLK Drivers window dropped as usual as I opened the door but won’t return to its closed position, also window switch/mirrors and drivers seat are dead but passenger side window is working ok. So I’m now worried as if it rains the window is still open. Any ideas? Sent from my iPad using...
  7. Dizz

    Clk driver window, seat and mirror fail (fuse)

    2005 CLK My wing mirrors didn’t automatically fold in this morning and tonight the m drivers window has dropped as it should but hasn’t gone back up and I can’t make the window go up or down with the switch. The passenger window does drop and go back up and also operates with its own switch in...
  8. Dizz

    CLK dash vent disaster!

    2004 CLK320 Well not really a disaster but a bit of a ****-up! A while back when we had all those really hot days the central air vent control became sticky to the touch and you could leave marks/ridges with your nails on the surface. It wouldn’t shift no matter what I tried and finally used a...
  9. Dizz

    Do you drive a black Mercedes?

    Do you drive a black Mercedes? Did you have a heated conversation with a middle aged woman and her frail 92 year old mother in Brooklands M&S car park last week? Did you shout at the woman and say she was trying to con you and that you hadn’t reversed into the front of her parked car? Did you...
  10. Dizz

    Driving too close on motorway

    I do quite a lot of driving these days up and down the county in cars vans and occasionally 7.5 ton lorries, Ive been driving for 38 years and consider myself an experienced capable driver, obviously I’m not the very best like a trained police driver, but good and competent. Someone posted on...
  11. Dizz

    CLK320 - having trouble moving auto gear stick/selector

    2004 CLK320 94,000miles Over the last few days I’ve noticed that moving the gear selector into drive was becoming more difficult, it’s like there’s something blocking the lever. Auto gearbox oil level is correct and it moves out of park with no problem. Any ideas? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Dizz

    Odd noise, what can it be?

    CLK320 2004 (94,000 miles) Oil display shows correct level. Service due in 3,000 miles. Its not there on a cold start up but starts very soon after. Increasing with more revs and seems to be coming from top left of the engine. Should I be worried and should I be driving it? Thanks
  13. Dizz

    Oil level check?

    I have a 2004 CLK320 I know how to check the oil level via the dashboard but will it also automatically flag the ‘1ltr top up’ message when it needs it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Dizz

    On reflection

    Not a bad reflection of the sky/clouds considering I haven't even started to clay/cut/polish/wax it yet! Just washed it with an old bottle of AG 'body shampoo and conditioner' that I found in the garage!
  15. Dizz

    LED's ?

    Front headlights (2004 CLK320) Im guessing the white light is a led and the other haven't been changed? Is it easy to change the bulbs?
  16. Dizz

    Transmission oil change, what else?

    I have booked my 2004 CLK320 (90,000miles) in for a transmission oil change with PCS in a few weeks time, should I be taking the opportunity to get anything else checked or replaced while I'm at it? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Dizz

    Worried/confused about gearbox noise

    I have had my 2004 CLK320 for about three weeks and on the test drive the automatic transmission made no noise and had very smooth gear changes and kick down. On about week two I noticed a feint speed related rubbing/chaffing sound coming from the gear stick/selector when slowing down and...
  18. Dizz

    Damaged bumper, bugger!

    So in under three weeks of ownership of my 2004 CLK this morning I managed to reverse into a parked car as I was backing off my driveway. Totally my fault as there is never anything parked opposite and I didn't look. I was moving really slow and there was no damage to the other car but I was...
  19. Dizz

    How do I fix this

    Probably in the wrong section but has anyone had this problem with their door handle? I'm guessing it's a pain to replace, door trim off etc Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Dizz

    What do you use on this trim?

    Just got my 2004 CLK320 and I was just polishing the windscreen (as you do) and noticed the trim around it looked dull and oxidised, is there anything I can use to bring it back to looking nice again? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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