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  1. streethawk

    Engine will not rev above 3000rpm & gearbox will not kick down

    My dads c320 cdi non dpf has just thrown a mil and no power. Rac plugged it in and say its swirl flaps. If they are stuck open would it still reduce power in limp mode or can we assume there stuck shut? Sorry for the thread hijack 👍.
  2. streethawk

    Exhaust pressure sensor on 320cdi

    My e320cdi only has 1 cat as far as I know.
  3. streethawk

    Knocking from the rear

    Check the boot rubber stops are in contact when it's down. I removed rear shelf on my e class and trim then I thought it was the pan roof!. Very annoying noise only work out it was the boot.
  4. streethawk

    Cruise ship E320 cdi

    Seems about right. Best I've had out of mine is 43mpg on a long 200 plus journey fully loaded boot etc. Mines a v6 and yes well worth a map if you ask me.
  5. streethawk

    Engine mounts OM642 E350 - cost?

    Check if they have definitely gone because I tried the foot on brake and rev it in drive to see if the engine lifted which it didn't! So I only changed the transmission mount but the vibration was still there. When I say vibration it was really bad in reverse. so I tried the rev it again and...
  6. streethawk

    Engine mounts OM642 E350 - cost?

    Dead easy to do yourself. I brought a flexible head ratchet spanner and off the top of my head I can't remember the size. Either 14 ,15 ,16 but check later after work. Got mine from auto doctor also. Lemforder. Just need to remove air filter housings and plastic trays
  7. streethawk

    W211 knocking strut top suspected - is this the right part?

    My 211 also does this and I can't find the offending item either. Changed torque arms and top and bottom ball joints. Iam suspecting the ball joint on lower arm that the drop link connects too. Not sure if you can replace the ball joint or it's a new arm. Passes not every time. Had this knock...
  8. streethawk

    Wildly different figures/claims when remapping an E350 CDI

    Had mine done at msl about 3 years ago and still going well. Didn't have time for a rolling road session but only a few weeks later another e320cdi sport was on the rollers and can't quite remember the actual figures but they were around the 290bhp mark. And mine was downloaded to a laptop then...
  9. streethawk

    S203 320cdi judder/ misfire? Help!

    As far as iam aware the actuator is matched to the turbo so you either have to have the old actuator refurbished or a new turbo and actuator as a pair.
  10. streethawk

    Help please

    If it's a turbo version ( not sure) could be a inlet pipe blown off.
  11. streethawk

    W211 Gear Selector Issue's

    Check the brakes light switch.
  12. streethawk

    Cat or dpf ?

    Where's the little pipe coming out the bottom? Looks like the cat to me.
  13. streethawk

    W211 e320 cdi bilstein b12

    Looking in you tube they replaced both top ones each side so 4 bushes in total. It make sense really. Take a look and see what you think.
  14. streethawk

    W211 e320 cdi bilstein b12

    I'd assume you would need 2 per side also for both top arms or I think it would put other alignment out.
  15. streethawk

    W211 e320 cdi bilstein b12

    So am I right in assuming you can push the outboard bushes out of the top camber arms on the rear and replace with the adjustable moog ones?
  16. streethawk

    W211 e320 cdi bilstein b12

    Do you have part number for moog rear camber bolts? I've searched everywhere and asked lots of Merc specialist and all say the rears aren't adjustable . I need some as my rear camber is out and wearing inside of the tyres on standard sports suspension.
  17. streethawk

    Black leather seats - blue patches S212

    It's where water has been left on them. When my young kids spilt a few 10p size drops on them and I didn't notice straight away this happened. Quick autoglym leather cleaner and then balm it's gone.
  18. streethawk

    W211 sport camber bolts

    This was why I posted originally . Going for pro alignment Saturday so I'll post results .
  19. streethawk

    W211 sport camber bolts

    My fronts are fine it's the rears
  20. streethawk

    W211 sport camber bolts

    Did they do the job and how much were they ? Know I need rears but they might fit the back. Booked in for alignment check Saturday.
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