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    A gem of a 190E 2.6

    An absolute gem giving its history but is it £13k worth....
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    Pullman lurve!!!

    Now that is style😍😍😍...
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    E63 W212 Forged alloys anyone...

    Came across these and thought I would post these up incase anyone was after a set. Obviously not the OEM finish, but very well priced for such a set.
  4. Abb

    Now thats a shooting brake!

    A very rare shooting brake......
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    S212 E63 Kleeman wagon....

    Am I right in thinking a 2013 pre F/L 5.5 BT wagon is a rare beast. Let alone with these 'upgrades'. Looks like a decent colour combo, good spec, and interesting upgrades, I like it (shame about the seller!)...
  6. Abb

    Stripped W205 C class!

    Surely easier to steal the car.....
  7. Abb

    R129 SL60 anyone?

    Good provenance and just shy of £70k, what not to like....
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    More sensless killings in Germany

    More senseless killings and injured of innocents 😢 Thoughts and prayers to all affected. When will this ever end.
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    Well presented E55......not!

    I know buyers have different expectations when buying/looking for a used car, but I think most people would expect the car to have been cleaned at least! :dk: Mercedes E55 AMG Auto history carbon 500bhp cls55 cls63 s55 s63 | eBay
  10. Abb

    Are these wheel forged?

    As per title, how can you tell if an alloy wheel is forged or not? Is it purely down to weight? (should say wheels in title and now can't edit it) My question relates to a Mercedes GTC C190 in particular, part number A1904010600.
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    RIP Geoffrey Palmer

    Another one of the all round greats passes away.
  12. Abb

    Rre C124 Twin Turbo

    Not an original factory 3.6 but apart from the rear end, blackout grill and those wheels, I like it. Old skool cool :cool:
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    Lowest mileage CLK Cab.....

    Still a very classy looking , practical cabriolet. Yes it is strong money (personally think it is worth it) , but what an example...
  14. Abb

    Gullwing replica anyone??

    What would have been the base for this? Or do they come in kit form? Anyway, I likes it.......a lot!
  15. Abb

    Cheap (for a reason) CLS 63
  16. Abb

    W169 A Class refusing to start after completing a journey

    A bit of an odd one me thinks, this one. My father contacts me today stating he has broken down having pulled over to take a call. He had been out in his 2008 W169 A150 petrol (mileage circa 36k), went to start the car and nothing! Lights on the dash illuminate but engine doesn't turn over let...
  17. Abb

    1000 SEL anyone??

    Not sure where to begin...
  18. Abb

    W123 TE 5.0 V8!

    Now heres a wolf in disguise ;)
  19. Abb

    Bumblebee C63 Black series replica anyone??

    Complete with transparent bonnet.....discuss.....
  20. Abb

    One for merc85, 7 seater E class

    Doesn't look like it would take too much to bring it to a decent standard.... 1994 Mercedes Benz E Class E280 AMG 2.8 V6 7SEAT AUTO ESTATE Petrol Automatic | eBay
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