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  1. ivandraganov

    P2626 DPF overloaded

    Help that code won’t clear.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ivandraganov

    Injector refurb spesialist...

    Need some reputable specialist,preferably one that could do injector refurbishment on situ.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. ivandraganov

    Crankshaft Sensor

    Long story short,misus took our c class to work and had a phone call —broke down car is on fire—lots of white smoke and car would not turn off even ingnition key was removed.When I arrived there was 2 Liter coolant missing and a lot of burn smell from exhaust.topped up check the oil all...
  4. ivandraganov

    Dpf delete..

    Hi everyone,any recommendations where can be done.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. ivandraganov

    MB star for Sprinter W906

    As per title,anyone with suitable Star to diagnose Sprinter 313CDI 2008 around Peterborough.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. ivandraganov


    Help with p1407 trouble code on w203 2.2 CDI
  7. ivandraganov

    Manufacturer specific code Sprinter w906

    Anyone that can help,I have P1955 code and won't it a glow plugs relay?
  8. ivandraganov

    Sprinter 906 thermostat

    Need help with finding the original part number..
  9. ivandraganov

    W203 220cdi starter motor problems

    My Mercedes started playing up upon start.Somtimes cranks first time ,sometime there is just clicking noise nothing happens..
  10. ivandraganov

    Diff oil for Sprinter

    What's the correct MB spec?
  11. ivandraganov

    Spare socket in the engine bay

    Any idea where this should be connected...
  12. ivandraganov

    Corroded brake pipes

    Hi everyone,have corroded rear brake pipes on the Sprinter,what's the best way to sort them out?
  13. ivandraganov

    Engine oil for Sprinter

    Advice needed,can I use the same as my car 5w30 viscosity?
  14. ivandraganov

    Buying used Sprinter

    Need some advice what to look when buying Sprinter van.Is there another good brand to go for?
  15. ivandraganov

    EGR clean

    Has anybody tried Wynns EGR clean aerosol,don't have problems just as preventative clean..
  16. ivandraganov

    Abs warning,Esp not avail

    ABS and ESP warnings triggered while fast cornering.Any clue what might be the cause?
  17. ivandraganov

    Is this genuine or fake

  18. ivandraganov

    Pro pressure washer

    Hi everyone,as per title needed for patio clean,car wash ect.So many models don't know which to go for...
  19. ivandraganov

    W203 facelift auto problem

    Hi everyone,Test drove 220 CDi auto and the car had available only 4 gears,whats seems to be the problem?is there Settings preventing use of the 5-th or some problem with electronics or gearbox itself?
  20. ivandraganov

    W203 salon or estate

    What are pros and cons..
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