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  1. mercmush

    Does nobody use these products from MB?

    I'm going to assume that most of you reading this post enjoy/love washing and cleaning your car(s) as much as I do. To that effect I have yet to see (and I could be mistaken) any threads recommending something that is available from most MB stealerships. I know that we all have our favourite...
  2. mercmush

    2 w126s to avoid

    Mercedes 500 SEL W126 1989 | eBay The above has a sunroof problem which has resulted in water entering the cabin under the floormats etc etc. Also the seller by his own admission has never serviced the car. Avoid. Mercedes 500 SEL - Rare Sample of a Classic Mercedes 1990 Limo - Iconic W126 |...
  3. mercmush

    Restored SEC -When being greedy just isn't enough...

    There's no substituting for pure greed to start the New Year Mercedes 560 sec fully restored. | eBay There are no photos which of course is invaluable when you want to judge the merits of the "Best in the world" SEC.
  4. mercmush

    1989 500 SL for 100k anyone?

    Who fancies a R107 1989 500 SL with 965 miles for 99,500 GBP then ?? Mercedes-Benz 500 5.0 SL 2dr
  5. mercmush

    Magic model 300 SL!

    A most disgusting conversion IMHO. Used 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300SL for sale in Kent | Pistonheads
  6. mercmush

    It's back again, the beryl blue 560 SEL

    Sadly I think this beauty was bought by a dealer and is now double the price. I can't believe that nobody bought it back in 2013. Mercedes-Benz 560 5.5 auto SEL, 51K Only. | eBay
  7. mercmush

    A Bentley apple anyone?

    Bentley Turbo Apple For Sale (1986) on Car And Classic UK [C655762]
  8. mercmush

    w116 350 SEL for sale
  9. mercmush

    E60 AMG Limited for sale
  10. mercmush

    560 SEC with no ac?!

    Fellow members, how many 560 SECs have you ever seen that didn't have ac? mercedes sec w126 | eBay
  11. mercmush

    w126 500SEL for 28k anyone?

    On Autotrader an undeniably handsome and low mileage 500 SEL but look at the asking price?! Mercedes-Benz Sel Series 5.0 4dr
  12. mercmush

    Which is better : Bentley Turbo R or a Merc?

    Evening all Apologies if this is in the wrong place but it did make me laugh. This is a link to the members gallery for RR/Bentley and in his album: Turbo R money pit he's got this picture of a W140 which he states is a great car. No surprises there then! Rolls-Royce and Bentley Forums...
  13. mercmush

    Brutally honest listing!

    Here's someone who's not pulling any punches: 2001 MERCEDES ML500 AUTO | eBay
  14. mercmush

    560 SEL for sale

    I think it's a nice colour combination but that hydropneumatic suspension looks in need of some TLC. Mercedes 560 Sel | eBay
  15. mercmush

    The Daddy : 560 SEC

    Must be worth a look for someone, handsome looking beast too. 1990 MERCEDES BENZ 560 SEC MET BLACK/CREAM LEATHER EX COND AMG ALLOYS AIRCON ETC | eBay
  16. mercmush

    Low mileage w126 420 SE

    Here's a very low mileage 420 SE from an ebay seller called sonystuff2006. Does anyone know anything about this seller? In recent months he also sold 2 very nice looking 560 SELs. Any clues as to where he gets these w126s from? After all there can't be many people in the UK with a pair of...
  17. mercmush

    Frank Bruno's old w126 500 SEL

    Bless him, it's Frank's old Merc! Mercedes Benz 500SEL LWB Frank Bruno the boxer, classic car | eBay
  18. mercmush

    A green monster

    When paint jobs go wrong Mercedes 500 SEC V8 1983 | eBay :crazy:
  19. mercmush

    My old car for sale! w126 500SE smoke silver

    My old car is for sale on eBay. But sadly it has died. Mercedes 500 SE W126 not 300/420/560 SEL/SE/SEC | eBay
  20. mercmush

    560 SEC from down under

    Have you ever seen a w126 SEC with a double din stereo and its original wing mirrors and door handles removed? Well you have now! Mercedes SEC 560 1987 Modified in Buderim, QLD | eBay
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