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    W245 B180 CDI - Starting Issue

    Looking for some advice. Just replaced all four glow plugs (nightmare!) and now having an issue with starting the car, it fired on the first turn of the key prior to the works. All cabling / connections checked and correct, it just turns over without making an attempt to actually fire. No...
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    W245 B180 CDI - Glow Plug Issue

    Not posted for a while however after being asked to look at a friends B180 looking for advice, the following is what I recorded on DAS:- 2133-004 Glow plug Cylinder 1 Open Circuit 2134-004 Glow plug Cylinder 2 Open Circuit 2135-004 Glow plug Cylinder 3 Open Circuit 2136-004 Glow plug Cylinder 4...
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    W245 Control Arm Help!

    Help! We have a 2006 W245 in the family which suffered from a snapped CV joint last week and after replacing the driveshaft we've decided to replace some of the worn suspension items. This leads to the problem! How on earth / what is used to remove the two control arm bolts securing it to the...
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    C207 Hazards and Switch Row Problem

    Guys Anyone heard of any A/C207 or W212's suffering from any issues with the hazard warning / ESP switch, the heated seat switch row or the ILS not working? I hooked it up to Star today and had the following as current faults. Basically happened the other day, drove it to work and went back...
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    W203 Front Wheel Bearing

    Replaced the front wheel bearings on the car today and I think I've made a boo boo! When I went to drive off the dash displayed a BAS and ABS error and I think it relates to the rear seals. Had a look around and found this: My question is does the rear seal sit level with the edge of...
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    Insurance Claim Advice

    Looking for some help for one of my friends. His wife was involved in an accident the other day where the other party drove through a t-junction and took her side on. The car is a total loss. Now he's just had his offer in from the insurance and it's £1500 less than what he owes on the...
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    Online EPC Russian Version!

    Not sure if this has been posted but have a look, looks like an online version of EPC:- Linky
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    Strange W203 / W209 Head Unit

    Do any of you know what this is? LINK
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    Mercedes Independent - Coatbridge (Just outside Glasgow)

    Just a quick post to make any of you West of Scotland members aware of a small independent Mercedes garage I have just used. Peter the owner is ex Mercedes Benz of Hamilton Master Tech who from speaking to him got fed up of working for them (I'll not say what he told me, let me put it this...
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    Vehicle Vin Query

    Is it possible to obtain the VIN of a vehicle from the registration? I'm looking to find out the options the car has and all I have is the registration.
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    W203 220 CDI - Engine Temperature

    All A while ago I replaced the thermostat due to low engine temperatures and as a result I saw around approx 90 degrees at full heat. However with the recent cold snap I can't seem to get the temperature to rise above approx 70 degrees and I'm thinking surely the stat can't fail in such a...
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    W203 - Wheel Alignment - Your Thoughts

    Following on from my thread this time last year LINK it appeared i had 2no faulty ball joints. So after getting over the shock that arms last just one year i decided that i'd replace all the arms while having the thing in pieces. Anyway once complete it was clear that the alignment would...
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    Another Laser Printer Thread

    We're looking at replacing the Samsung colour laser we have as the puser has went and although not a huge value in it we're looking at other models that may be cheaper on toner. The samsung does around 20ppm so we'd be looking at this level. I've seen a few HP's and the toners seem...
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    Wanted - W203 Passenger Seat

    I'm looking for a passenger seat for a W203, cloth would be better as cheaper! Cheers
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    Air Compressor advice

    All I was thinking about going for a compressor to run maybe the following:- 1) Impact Wrench 2) Nail Gun 3) Small Spray Gun 4) ?? Any advice on what i should be looking for?
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    W203 Coupe Leather - £135!

    See the following:- LINK
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    W203 - Accessories Brochure - PDF

    Does anyone still have a copy of the PDF that was available for the W203 that listed all the accessories available with "B" part numbers. You can now only download the W204 version.
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    W203 - c320 cdi

    Seems to have been stolen for the engine and transmission. Why would it not be recorded? LINK
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    W203 - C220 CDI - Fuel Pump & Pipe Leaks Help

    Big problems this morning, went out to the car bright and early, started the car and it fired up no problem however after five seconds it cut out. Tried a few more times and could tell it just wasn’t going to fire and to save the battery stopped. This is the first it has ever failed to start...
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    W203 - Evaporator

    Looking for advice people! The evaporator on my W203 requires to be replaced and the part numbers i have are:- Fitted:- A2038300258 Updated Part from EPC:- A2098300258 However do you think part number A2118300258 is the same part? The only difference seems to be the model prefix...
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