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    170 and 171 SLK’s in the North West

    hi all, I’m on the hunt for an SLK but need to make sure I fit (6ft 8’) is anyone nearish to Wigan that wouldn’t mind me trying to sit in their car?
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    Well hello there

    ding dong.... I’m back, not that ANYONE will care lol
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    Which CLK for the track?

    Hi guys I'm about to start on a track car CLK. trying to decide between the 430 or a lower power version. Based on running costs/serviceable items/reliability what engine would you guys go for? Cheers Mark
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    Clk interior removal

    Hi all, Could anyone let me know, is it possible to remove the interior of a CLK without fault codes? I'm looking to embark on a track car project so would be removing all seats etc to fit a couple of lighter weight seats
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    Morning all,

    Morning peeps, haven't been here for ages, thought I'd pop my head in:thumb: About to embark on a bit of a Merc project so stay tuned:bannana::bannana:
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    Hi Hunny, I'm home

    Hi all, (well those that remember me;)) All going well in the Harrison house and I am considering a return to the MB fold, I have 6-8K that I would like to pick up a diesel estate for, any recomendations?? Hope you are all keeping well! Mark
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    Home business startup

    Hi Guys, long time no speak!!! Things are still manic in the Harrison House but Fiona is looking to start up a home business based around cake decoration, lost cakes (old fashioned recipes) and maybe home made food for people who have no time to cook. I know a lot of people on here are aware...
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    New Arrival

    Hi All Fiona and I are now the proud parents of Charlie, Oscar. Born Sunday morning 8.25 at 9lb 5 oz 22" long. mum and baby now home anf doing well. Husband on cloud nine!!!
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    Urgent help please

    Hi Guys, sorry to drop in and ask a question straight of but I need advice. I was legally filtering through traffic on my bike and way side swiped but a car cutting from outside to inside lane. I am fully comp insurance as is he and he proclaimed to all at the scene that it was his fault...
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    Evenin all

    Just thought I would pop my head in and let you all know i'm still around and a very short update Flee is now 8 weeks from term on our first little'un. A boy!! I also have a new addition;) Hope you areall keeping well. Mark and Flee
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    LPG anyone got the inside line

    Hi All Following on from the other LPG thread I have made some calls and it looks like the cost of converting my Mevira would be £1345 inc VAT. Working on 20k miles a year this would pay for its self in 12 months! So my question is has anyone read anything of late that gives pointers on...
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    New pc help please

    Hi all Well following on from my SLOW shutdown thread and having wasted 12 hours of my life I am considering a new PC (I hate PC's with pre-installed OS and no OS system disc!!!) Current machine has an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ with 2 gb Ram and an ATI radeon 9550 graphics card. Performance is ok...
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    SLOWWWW shut down

    Hi all I am running XP on my home system and have found over the last month it has been very slow to shut down. Some times taking a minute sometimes nearer to 10!!! I have run Virus, Spyware and Reg software which has flagged and fixed various "problems" but it still has not sped up the shut...
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    Cost of running a bike

    Well after removing the bodywork of the Kwaker I have decided to give it a once over Oil £40 Filter £7 Plugs £30 Filter £40 Exhaust £230 copper greece £4 Haynes book of lies £17 £332 including the stainless manifold and down tubes, not sure if I'm happy with the costs or not. Never...
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    Baby Queen

    Just been sent this, had me in stitches:D
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    Ok I need some feedback please.

    Hi All As you may know, Fiona and I are expecting our first rug rat in November and I have found myself wondering if my Meriva will be big enough to fit everything in. I must admit you can get a fair amount of stuff in it but I have no idea how much I will need to fit in once a little one...
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    Patio installer

    Hi All I am looking to get my patio extended and was wondering firstly what I should expect to pay and secondly can anyone recommend an insteller in the North west extra area to be 6m x 2.4 (area is flat turf at the moment). Cheers Mark
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    Warner bros Sericel

    Having a change around in the house with the little one on the way so I am going to be selling my Warner Bros limited edition SeriCel. This cell is LARGE (about 1-1.5 metres long) and one of the most popular cells ever produced.(LOONEY LINEUP) If you are intersted drop me a PM. Cheers Mark
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    One for the engineering super freaks

    I am selling a copy of High Speed Low Cost and the plans to go with it on Ebay VERY rare and a very cool project for anyone with some time on their hands The ultimate home car builder book...
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    A bit of news

    Hi Folks, There has been a change or 2 in the Harrison household, we,re setted in to our new house with all boxes unpacked and now.................... there's a little Harrison on the way!! 12 week scan was today so we wanted to let all on here know!
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