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    W211 a credit card fell inside dashboard

    Apparently (after 13 yrs of use) my merc has a gap between windshield glass and the dashboard. I left my main credit card on the dash and it slid inside. Whats the easiest way to extract it?
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    Anyone drove on Germany autobahn in winter?

    I read from AA: and ... I am somewhat reluctanct to change tyres to drive on the motorway.. I don't think that their autobahn will have ice on the surface.. And when I say autobahn I mean 100% autobahn - no other roads I am going to use.. And what if it is a warm month? Like...
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    How long takes to receive speeding ticket from Germany?

    Drove twice to east Germany.. on second trip I got 2 red flashes within different works areas and a white flash on a fly over on a motorway... I am fretting now I can get my license suspended if I get 3 tickets at same time... (my guess I was doing 100 mph in 100 kmh zone and 70-80 mph in 60...
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    CLA - whats the point?

    I looked at new CLA, CLS, E Class.. I don't understand what they are trying to achieve there.. It seems to me that CLS is kinda luxury E. And CLA is luxury version of A. I don't understand why used CLA are more expensive than CLS in that case.. its counter intuitive.. What am I missing...
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    Good suspension specialists NW London or around?

    My car doesnt feel stable when I drive 100. And I want to drive 120 comfortably (going to Germany). I guess this must be suspension not being 'good' any more. The car is 12 yo E Class W211. Mileage 45K. I would appreciate if someone points me in a right direction. Perhaps diagnostics...
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    How to buy good absorbers?

    I think I am going to need all 4 absorbers replaced (the car isnt too stable at over 100 mph and I didnt change them for several years. I am going to drive to Germany couple of times - want go over 120). How to save money on the parts? I see there are quite a few 'replacement' brands not...
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    Is there a Merc data for each part in a car?

    I remember 25 yrs ago when I bought my first merc.. I saw enormous maps with part numbers for pretty much everything whats in a car (including nuts and bolts).. it was like a photo which you insert into a device with magnifying glass (microfiche). Then they would order a part for you once they...
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    Whats specialist fitment?

    I just bought pair of new tyres (still in the post).. And I just saw something called specialist fitment on blackcircles. Whats the difference between a 'usual' tyre and one approved for Merc? I have stock Merc rims bought with the car from MB dealer but replaced stock Contis with Goodyear...
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    Balance a tyre at full speed ?

    10 yrs ago I was told by 2 shops (one of them being MB franchise) that they do not balance wheels past 70 mph.. Now I am back to the square one contemplating new tyres.. Obviously performance tyres have all sorts of speed indexes up to 300 kmh.. Could you guys tell - whats the...
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    Help with latest high performance tyres comparison/reviews

    Last time I bought tyres was 2004 World has changed a lot since then (and somehow I think to the worse).. Please help with information - who builds best summer tyres these days? Forum discussions/reviews etc.
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    What tyre to replace Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 ?

    It was the quietest tyre I ever saw. I bought them new 10 years ago. The most comfortable ride and tremendous grip.... I wanted to refresh them (or at least the rear pair) but cant find any in stock for my size. 225/55/R16.. speed 140+ mph. Anyone has pair stashed in the garage for...
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    How alarm can get disabled on e-class?

    I have this car since 2005. it is W211. I never had this problem before. I went to local shop and when i wanted to set the alarm - nothing happened. i tried few times. when i pressed 'open' button - it flashed once. however 'close' didnt work at all... once i came back home it worked as...
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    SAM Replacement and cheap STAR in Harrow

    Hi I saw an article on this forum which was promoting some garage which can repair/replace rear SAM unit cheaply. But now cant find it. Anyone has a link to it? Also would be interested in contact for reasonably priced Star in NW London, Harrow, Bucks or around.
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    Android Torque doesnt see my SRS fault

    I bought ELM327 adapter and tried it with Torque on my Android tab. While it connected OK and shows real-time info on the dials it doesnt show any fault codes. I have SRS light on and windscreen washing liquid message but nothing in the Torque. It says no fault codes stored in ECU. I need...
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    Recharged battery again and have Replace Key message. Cant drive!

    My battery died again. So I ordered new one from MB. Was going to collect it but had to recharge the old one first.... After recharge I put it back, started the car and run it for 10 min to warm up the engine.. Then stopped and turned back in half an hour to drive for the battery.... Started...
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    Removed battery to recharge. Got error message.

    I have W211 for quite a few years. I had extended warranty before so I didnt care about little stuff like batteries :) Now I had my battery died so I decided to recharge it while I am looking for decently priced new one. So I disconnected it, recharged and put it back. I believe I did...
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    I havent made a 1000 miles after last service and ASSYST say I need service D WTF?

    Hi I have 2002 E-Class (the newer one). I did last service in MB service centre last September. I made about 900 miles since that and in late March I started to get reminders from my Assyst saying that xx days left to service D. It become xx days since missed service D since mid-May. I...
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    Please advise good car dealer to sell my E Class. (I am moving into central London)

    Hi guys, I never been selling such expensive car before (bought it from Merc Dartford). I live in Harrow on the Hill now but am going to move to central London in next few months. Is there 'normal' car dealers who can sell car for decent price and not trying to screw you? It has full...
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    Call from MB: Security check on e-class?

    Some dude called me yesterday from Manchester number (0161) and mumbling something that they are carrying security checks on all e-class cars because of some potential issue. He couldnt articulate what it is about. What is it? I could think 2 possible options only. 1. Con - someone...
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    Be alerted. New cameras on M25 J25

    Today new cameras have been installed on M25 in both directions just before J25 (if clockwise). They are new and I never seen such a thing before. Small yellow cameras on a black pole (similar to traffic cameras you can often see but they are always of gray colour). They are definitely...
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