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  1. kap02

    Home Cinema 5.1 speaker system (Monitor Audio)

    Unfortnatley I am selling my mint condition 5.1 home cinema speaker system, it has been owned for 2 years with very little use. As my son is now starting to crawl, he has already set his sights on destroying the speakers ! Before this happens I am looking to replace them with a wall...
  2. kap02

    w204 (C class, 2010) custom subwoofer box, sub woofer and amp

    Custom Subwoofer box, subwoofer and amplifier for sale: Box: Custom made (cost £110) Subwoofer (W0v3 - JL Audio) and Amp (JBL GTO) new: (cost: £120) Great condition, all work order and sounds superb with the standard head unit. Ideal for quality upgrades OEM sound. I will also throw in the...
  3. kap02

    Mercedes C Class 4dr W204 UV blinds (fitted, custom)

    I have the following for sale: Mercedes C Class 4dr 07- CAR WINDOW SUN SHADE BABY SEAT CHILD BOOSTER BLIND UV | eBay I will take £45 collected from Manchester, they were on the car for 3 months. Car is now sold. 07745600001
  4. kap02

    Fuel and Air Filters

    Can anyone tell me the correct intervals for air and fuel filter on the C250cdi. I assume this is the same on the entire diesel range. My car is a 2010. A "how too" guide would be handy if anyone has a link. Thanks.
  5. kap02

    E class lease deasl

    Has anyone seen any sub £250 lease deals for the face lift E class? Ideally E250cdi AMG Sport. Thanks
  6. kap02

    2010 5 speed Auto

    On a few occasions my c250cdi Auto has had a very strange issue: As i accelerate the engine is revving but the car is only actually moving a little bit (very little torque), then eventually it changes to second gear and moves as normal. Today I manage to manually change into into second gear...
  7. kap02

    MB Specialists in Leicester Area

    As title suggests, can anyone recommend a MB Specialist in Leicester or nearby? This is for my father in law.
  8. kap02

    W204 Gearbox Oil change

    I have been quoted £156 for a gearbox oil change on my W204 5speed Auto. How does this sound? This is not a dealer, independent.
  9. kap02

    Rear lights dim (one side)

    A friend of mine noticed that one of my rear lights was dimmer then the other side on my W204. Before I start changing bulbs I have done some searching and there seems to be an issue? Does anyone have further information on this?
  10. kap02

    Comand W204 Map Issue

    Morning all, Twice now my Comand Sat Nav has showed me in a random location? It then sorts it self out.... whats going on?? :confused: Comand 4.0 i think? its a 2010 w204.
  11. kap02

    Body Repair - Manchester

    Like a fool I have scraped the rear quarter on my W204 this morning. :( As my excess is £400, I wanted to get a few quotes first. Can anyone recommend a garage within the Central Manchester / Trafford ? I guess anyone near Bolton and Walkden too. Thanks.
  12. kap02

    Urgent Help Required !

    Hi all, Having a total nightmare with the car, it went in today for a suspected water pump leak. To cut a long story short they couldnt get a rep pump and mercedes are on back order. As i picked the car up the steering has gone really heavy when at slow/parking speed. But its ok when...
  13. kap02

    W204 losing coolant?

    As the title suggests, I have topped up my coolant once and the warning has appeared again today. I cant see any signs of leaks? Help?
  14. kap02

    W204 Check coolant Warning light

    As the subject suggest, my car is showing check coolant each time i start the car. Its a 2010 C250cdi, I have checked the coolant and all seems fine. The temp also sits at a normal 85 Degrees too. Any ideas?
  15. kap02

    Vibration when Idle

    Most recently the car has started to vibrate enough to shake the car when idle (gear in park). This only happens when the car is at full temp and now and again? I seem to get the feeling it starts when the cooling fan is on? Is this something to be worried about? Car: w204 c class 250cdi 2010...
  16. kap02

    Back from my Europe Trip

    Evening all ! Some of you may have seen this thread: I arrived back to the UK on Saturday after a nice relaxing week away enjoying the wonderful sights across France and Germany. After some initial issues with my...
  17. kap02

    What to do next ..... ?

    As the title suggest my MB ownership has been far from perfect during the last months . Its a W204 C250 CDI Auto (67k, 2010, FSH, Amg on 18"). This is the most money I have ever spent on a car and to be frank I am not blown away, its has not given me the additional refinement which is...
  18. kap02

    Corner wear on w204 ?

    Evening all .... I have just had 4 new vredestein sessanta fitted to my 2010 w204. Excellent tyres so far! One issue, the drivers front tyre seems to have wear on the corner of the wheel. i can tell its slightly more then the other tyres as its rubbed away the tyre gel. Two possible existing...
  19. kap02

    Continental Sport Tyres front and rear.

    I have the following Continental sport tyres available, taken off my W204. 225/40/18 - Continental sport contact 3 - Approx 3.5mm - £40.00 225/40/18 - Continental sport contact 3 - Approx 3.5mm - £40.00 255/35/18 - Continental sport contact 3 - Approx 1.8-2mm £30.00 255/35/18 -...
  20. kap02

    Bespoke/Stealth Subwoofer W204 install completed !

    Evening all, Some of you may have seen a few threads from me regarding this subject! Well I have finally installed my bespoke/oem style subwoofer into my 2010 W204 :devil: The standard sound system is excellent but it lacks quality low bass, not being 21 anymore and now married :doh: I...
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