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  1. effy37

    C Class door handle LEDs

    Well guys after buying the replacement LEDs for my door handles a few weeks back I decided today was the day. It took me nearly 8 hours to replace all four LEDs, I did find a couple of videos on YT but couldn’t find any on the W205 C63 The first door was the longest, as I hadn’t done this...
  2. effy37


    I was wondering how many have lowered there W205 C63, I'm seriously thinking about it soon, plus 12mm spacers, I would like peoples thoughts
  3. effy37

    Advice please

    I’m would like some advice please I have come away and forgot to put my trickle charger onto my W205 C63, I will be away for a month, I don’t have anyone I can ask to go and put it on, do you guys think it will be okay, or do you think the battery will discharge itself
  4. effy37

    Exhaust mod

    I am booked into PCW for the 19th for a secondary de-cat and back box mod on my C63s W205 has anyone on here had this mod done, and what did they think about it......was it too noisy, was there an annoying drone on a journey......any feedback would be appreciated
  5. effy37

    MPSS 4s

    I couldn't cope with the Dunlops that were on the rear anymore I was having trouble pulling away.....The reason I have waited this long is they were new when I purchased the motor back in June......A noticeable difference already.....
  6. effy37

    [SOLD] EBC YellowStuff Rear Brake Pads for Mercedes C-Class W205 C63 AMG 476 DP42117R

    Brand new in box ordered by mistake Cost £146 will accept £100 plus P&P EBC YellowStuff Rear Brake Pads for Mercedes C-Class W205 C63 AMG 476 DP42117R beautiful mixed baby girl
  7. effy37

    DAB Question

    Hey guys, just a quick question, when I had my RRS, M4 & M5 when I playing the DAB on the idrive screen it would tell you the artist playing, is there a way to do this on my 2015 C63s, as I cannot seem to find away? Cheers
  8. effy37

    Longish journey

    I did my first longish journey yesterday, since I've had the car, it was only a 230 miles return one but completely pleased with the way it went, I brimmed the tank before I left and brimmed it again when I got home, it used £50.30 although there was a bit of traffic around I managed to open the...
  9. effy37

    Pictures at last

    Let me know what you think guys bbva compass customer service hours pnc bank hours today
  10. effy37


    I've got mine booked in for a recall next Thursday it's to do with the Engine idle speed ......Whom else has had it updated
  11. effy37

    Warranty question

    It's probably been asked a few times before, but would like to ask it again.....My MB warranty is coming to an end in November, firstly has anyone got an idea on the renewal cost, it's the C63s 2015 with 37k mileage......It's been in the MB network from day one, I currently pay the £46 per month...
  12. effy37


    I've had them done I'm just waiting for the guy to give them to me.......He's in his early 80s so I can't rush him
  13. effy37

    Side step

    I've got a brand new left hand deployable side step with motor and brackets from a Range Rover Sport L494 if knows of anybody who's looking for one, also a load cover for an Autobiography RRS......Not sure about prices but won't be much.
  14. effy37

    My personal review of my C63S

    I’ve now covered a few hundred miles since my purchase, I’ve owned a few performance cars, including M3s and M4 an M5 Porsche 911 C2s Gen2 but I must say this C63s out does them all I think it looks better, it handles better and as everyone knows it sounds better, it’s full of tech that I’ve...
  15. effy37


    I'm not sure if this is against the forum rules......I bought back from Norway 10 x 50g of Drum tobacco I need £110 for the 10
  16. effy37

    Service A

    Well guys, I had the service A completed today at Mercedes Norwich, all in all a pleasant experience, I’ve also purchased at a monthly cost of £46 a service plan for 2 years servicing, my next service is the big one, so I’m hoping it’ll pay for itself? What is everyone’s thoughts on these plans?
  17. effy37


    What make of tyres does the majority of you run on the rear of your C63, when I bought it the 2 x rears were newish Dunlops, I've always had MPSS on my M cars, I just can't seem to get to a confidence level with these Dunlops, when I open the taps, but it's a case of do I wear them down a bit...
  18. effy37


    I'm interested to know what GPS tracker systems guys currently recommend, ie subscription based or DIY installs.....cost etc
  19. effy37

    At Last

    Well guys as promised, arrived back home last night after 33 days away, I picked the motor up this morning and wow......I'm trying to remember where all the controls are again, as I only had 3 days after I bought it to when I left it at the detailers....4 x wheels refurbished, all paint ceramic...
  20. effy37


    I've been in Rotterdam for just over 1 week, quarantined in a hotel.....we get 3 short air breaks each day where there's not a lot to do other than watch the cars go by......They do like there motors here, I've seen lot's of C63s lot's of E63s loads of Audi RS3s Golf Rs and a few classics...
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