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  1. E240estate

    M112 engine oil leak

    Hi, I have two cars with this drive train (S211 and A209), both 320s, and both are pretty wet with oil underneath the car behind the engine, looks like its coming from the joint between the engine and transmission. I appreciate that this may just be the lowest point where its dripping off...
  2. E240estate

    What is this switch?

    What's this rocker switch above parking brake release? Car is a 2003 Japanese Market S211. Any clues? Thanks! Has no apparent function when switched
  3. E240estate

    Disable SBC - Minimum Diagnostic Setup

    Got 2 old Mercs, a CLK320 and a s211 E320 so it's worth me investing in a specialist diag setup. I already have an obd2 scanner and WIS/EPC set up but obviously that doesn't let me do a lot with the car itself. I'd like to get something that I can use to disable the sbc pump on the 211 so I...
  4. E240estate

    2004 CLK number plate lamp fault

    Hi, got a problem I'm struggling to sort on the Mrs CLK. Number plate lamp warning came up on the dash, right hand. So I replaced both right and left bulbs. Right hand was a 10w and had caused some melting to the bulb holder and the left hand was the correct 5w but badly silvered...
  5. E240estate

    Vito won't start after rebuild

    I replaced the head gasket on this engine, and have had a nightmare trying to get it restarted after rebuild. The injectors were stuck so i had to remove them with a screw type puller, which meant I had to disassemble the injectors in situ and then reassemble them before sticking them back. I...
  6. E240estate

    W638 Vito 108 CDI OM611 injectors

    I need to replace one of my injectors, as I damaged it when removing it. Trying to work out what part number to go by. On the top of the injector cap it says 2306 1520 78827 and also 0985 435 053. As far as I can tell the number I need starts with 0445, but I cannot see this on the injector...
  7. E240estate

    CDI 611 Timing chain tensioner (and HG update)

    The good news is it is possible to remove the cylinder head from a W638 Vito with the engine in the vehicle. I couldn't find this info anywhere before I started so I hope it's of use. Thinking about putting this back together, can anyone confirm that the chain tensioner need to be removed...
  8. E240estate

    611 Cylinder head removal - so close

    Taken out 12x head bolts, the head is loose, and I can lift it 1/2 inch or so, but something is holding it at the rear. Seems like a thin steel tube is attached to the head (like a brake or fuel line) at the back, near the exhaust manifold. I need primarily to know how to remove it, and...
  9. E240estate

    Remove intake camshaft 611 CDI

    Another Vito thread! - I've a 2003 108CDI I have removed the exhaust camshaft, and now need to remove the intake camshaft. I've been working outside in the rain all morning and my brain needs a rest. The intake camshaft seems to pass through a chain tensioner, and I can't see how to...
  10. E240estate

    Miniscule Ball Bearing Inside Injector - lost

    At long last managed to get all 4 injectors out using the screw-in puller, which entailed dismantling the injector tops before removing. I think the rocker cover's OK, but the problem I've got is that I have lost two of the tiny steel balls from inside the injectors. I'm going to need to get...
  11. E240estate

    W638 Vito won't warm up

    2002 W638 2.2 108CDI Vito. I've just bought this van with suspected head gasket failure. Pressure tested and leak (gas) tested the system and both tests indicate HG OK. Drove it for the first time this weekend, about 15 miles in total, up some steep hills, along a national speed limit...
  12. E240estate

    2003 W638 Vito technical manual

    Further to previous post, I've now bought the 2003 2.2 CDI Vito with suspect headgasket, coolant loss. I know I'm well outside the scope of a Haynes manual, I think I've established I need a WIS disc off ebay, but they all seem to relate only to cars. Anyone know where can I get the...
  13. E240estate

    What's it worth? Mercedes Vito

    Looking to buy a Vito - a chap who lives bout 3 houses away has his up for sale, 52 plate 2.2 CDI, Ok condition for the year, 150,000 miles. BUT he has diagnosed a blown head gasket, the van runs, but is using water. So obviously could be other engine problems as well. If I decide I want...
  14. E240estate

    P0121 fault code on E240 S211

    Got the above code out of the car this evening after it had developed very poor throttle response over the past few trips. It would be fine, then after being stopped in traffic for a while would take about 3 seconds to respond to throttle input, and continue this until switched off and back on...
  15. E240estate

    Anyone know pins on W211 lighting switch?

    Trying to locate the pin on the s211 light switch which controls the rear fog light. Need to pick up a signal from this for trailer wiring. Not possible to get one from inside the tailgate as wiring too difficult. Got the rest of the connections sorted just need this one. Thanks in...
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