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    Mercedes ML166 tow bar with dedicated electrics - new

    I have a brand new tow bar for a mercedes ml 164 - changing car so didnt fit it. It come complete with the dedicated wiring kit as well as the tow bar with removable swan neck Due to the weight and bulkyness of the item it needs to be collected. I live near southampton so it can be...
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    FS: C63 coupe standard rear boot spoiler

    As per the title I have the rear boot lip spoiler off my 2013 coupe - removed as I went carbon fibre. Obviously it is the genuine mercedes spoiler and not the cheapo fake off ebay. Perfect condition, needs new tape to afix to next car. £75 delivered Email me at username @
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    FS: Rear spoiler from C63 coupe

    As the title. I have the original black rear spoiler from my c63 coupe for sale. Will fit non am cars. Make me a sensible offer. Thanks
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    FS: Brand new detachable Tow bar for ML w164 and w166

    As per the title I have a brand new (obviously never been fitted) tow var and electrics (just the 7 pin) for the mercedes ML it'll fit both the w164 (2005-2012) and the w166 (2012-) model. It's a tow trust tow bar. Detachable swan Neck for Mercedes M ML Class 2005 20012 W164, 2012on W166 |...
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    ML 164 320 front disc brand new

    I've a brand new pair of front brake discs from my old ML 320 CDI - 2007 model. They are OEM from GSF. Never been fitted, still in their protective film. I am based in southampton, come and get em for a small donation. J.
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    Had my C63 detailed

    I get my C63 looked after by Tim at Envy, he's been looking after my cars for a while now (since 2007 I think) I get him to do mine properly every 3 months or so when my work allows and then either I do the routine washing or if he has a space he does it. Jesus I am getting lazy. Or just really...
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    Which Sat nav to buy - Tomtom Garmin

    Hi I am looking to buy a new portable satnav for my bus, I've been a fan of Tomtom's for years. I bought a new tomtom last year with the new interface and wasn't keen, even less so when the gps reciever couldn't lock onto a signal. This was returned. Does anyone know if the new versions...
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    C63 owners - leather help

    Hi, Can you let me know what the wear is like on your seats? My cars a year old now and has covered approx. 11500 miles. The drivers seat is showing serious signs of wear, this is on the back and base side bolsters. It went in for a service Friday and they took pictures to send to...
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    Insurance companies make no sense

    Last year when I bought my C63 I was suprised to find it was cheaper to insure than my e350 convertable it replaced. Aviva were the cheapest by a mile and quoted me around £450. This year this has risen to £1050! A little look around and I can get cover for £335 from Churchill. And this...
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    Bloody annoying

    First day back in the office for me today, parked up at the train station. Nice big space. Left lots of room between myself and the next car. I was sat there paying for my parking on my phone when I heard/felt THUD. The woman parked next to me has opened her door and let the strong wind...
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    FS C63 coupe rear carbon fibre diffuser

    I bought a carbon fibre rear diffuser from Rebellion Automotive for my coupe. Its not the big fin version. Apparently they are made by the same people that make the mode stuff, no idea if this is true as I haven't seen any of the mode stuff. Anyway if anyone wants it, its not been fitted and I...
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    Rebellion Automotive carbon fibre rear diffuser

    I bought a carbon fibrerear diffuser from Rebellion Automotive for my coupe. Its not the big fin version. Apparently they are made by the same people that make the mode stuff, no idea if this is true as I haven't seen any of the mode stuff. Anyway if anyone wants it, its not been fitted and I...
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    69 VW Bus restoration - lots of pics

    Apologies to those that couldn't give a crap but... I appreciate this is not a Mercedes but on another thread a couple of members showed an interest and wanted pics of my 1969 VW Bus. I thought I would post up what I have been up to with it. I bought the bus from Cali in sept time in 2011...
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    Will c class wheels fit a new a class

    My old man has bought a new a-class. Nice care but he could get one with big rims so is stuck with the stand, I think they are 16s. Just wondered if a set of 18"s from a c-class would fit
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    c63 - what brake pads

    Hi all, I seem to have racked up a lot more miles lately that I had thought. Must be the fun of driving the thing... Checking my tyres and pads at the weekend both are looking low. The pads still have plenty of meat left (well under half worn though :-( ) so not a massive hurry to change...
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    FS: ml 164 thule bike carrier

    Hi, Since I have changed my ml from a 164 to the current model and my bike rack doesn't fit the new car I have my bike rack for sale. It is the thule 9104 clip on 3 bike carrier. You can pick these up for around £105 off the net. For details have a look here Thule ClipOn 9104 - Thule...
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    Bike rack for the new ML

    Just swapped out my ml for a new one. I have a thule bike rack for the old model (164) that clips on the rear door. Unfortunately it wont fit the new one due to the rear spoiler. Does anyone have a new ML and what bike rack have you fitted? Thanks, J.
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    Woo Hoo Picking up my new car on sunday

    Dealers just phoned to say my new cars ready to be collected sunday at 10.30. I was late getting the paperwork for the plate transfer and insurance to them so was expecting to get it next weekend. Happy days. Although I think Mrs Blonde is more excited than me and has already said she is...
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    New family wagon ordered

    Following on from my previous thread on suggestions for Mrs Blondes new family wagon to replace her current ML. Well after short listing them down to disco 4, RRS, ML and cayenne (not her choice but mine, seeing as I am paying I thought I should get some say) I went round to look at them all...
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    new family wagon required - opinions please

    Mrs Blonde has decided she would like a new car to replace her ML. Seeing as I change mine on a regular basis ad she has had her current ml for 5 years (I thought it had only been 3 or 4!) i cant really say no, well I could but the garage isn't that comfy to live in. All she has said is...
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