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  1. scottishc280

    Brink detacheable tow bar

    From a W202 saloon - will suit Mercedes C Series Saloon (W202) (from chassisnr. A032470/F020798) (except AMG) Building year 1993 - 2000 used but perfect condition. I took it off the car before I sold it. I had fitted it myself around 4 years ago and it took all of 2 hours. Comes with...
  2. scottishc280

    C280 / C240 and probably other models. NEW parts available

    I have just replaced my 1999 C280 and have some spares left in the garage. Will probably put on Ebay if not purchased here. Unused parts - Bought from German and Swedish Prices include postage and can be paid for by paypal or bank transfer. 12 x NGK plugs - £50 3 x oil filter - £4 each...
  3. scottishc280

    Which models can have 6/7 seats?

    We currently have a c280 and its greeeeaaatttt but the wife uses it most days for protection of junior but I am thinking of changing by daily drive 170,000 mile '94 Prelude (what a great car - may keep and restore to its former glorry) but want something with 6/7 seats. I do not want a people...
  4. scottishc280

    1992 MERCEDES 220 CE AUTO BLACK - spares or REPAIR

    nice car. ebay link
  5. scottishc280


    some interesting readings, wonder if they will get rid of all the camera in the UK now? or would that just cause us to have to pay more tax? Link
  6. scottishc280


    I have been playing about developing a website and found some great free software included in my annual fee so have created some stuff. 1 thing was a photo gallery so I have been playing and setup a "name the car" competition. There is a prize for the person who names the most in the...
  7. scottishc280

    Child seat. Recaro

    Just got a new car seat as my 9 month old son is now too big for his original rear facing seat. (Headrest speakers and front seat friendly even with an air bag) I bought a recaro that suits from 9 months up to 12 years old (dependant on wieght) I was told that starting in 2006 the laws for...
  8. scottishc280

    Sony Ericsson K750i. A digital camera with a phone built in.....

    Got one of the first K750is, only came out on Saturday morning. I have been waiting for a couple of months for it as it has a 2mp camera and a full blown MP3 player, oh and its a phone. Here are some pics I have taken with it. macro on full size photo but standard quality full size...
  9. scottishc280

    What would the cost of a new engine for a BMW M5 cost

    someone at my work has said that a new engine for his 2002 M5 will cost £17k, I rekon the car is only worth 25k and can't imagine a new engine to cost that much. I could be wrong but what do you folks think.
  10. scottishc280

    groaning from the steering

    I have had a strange groaning from the steering for the last 3 weeks. It is only when turning right at at about 20-30mph. Always when going round a roundabout a little faster than the average driver. If I steer slightly left when the noise is evident it goes away. When I try turning right...
  11. scottishc280

    Recall for dangerous child seats - Topsafe

    New child seat recalled. I got one of these seats (£545) thinking having him in the front would be good and let the driver have a quick check he is ok every now and again but returned it after 5 weeks persevering ( the week before the official recall was announced). I found the seat cause the...
  12. scottishc280

    w202 Centre rear seat belt?

    Is it possible to convert the rear centre lap belt to a 3 point seat belt? Is it a Merc option that would plug an play or would it have to be done by a seat belt expert making a new top mout etc....? Thanks
  13. scottishc280

    what model is a 200C?

    Is it simply a C200 and the boot badge has been changed to read 200C? This was the only badge on the boot and it had a private plate so I could't get the age, it had facelift lights, brake light, no ariel etc. Thanks
  14. scottishc280

    new baby seat range

    Hi all, I heard from my stealership that there is a new range of car seats (as there have been so many complaints (I mean comments) about the current multicoloured item. The stealers don't yet have photos or a brochure yet. Has anyone else heard of these or seen any info online? thanks...
  15. scottishc280

    repainting alloys on my w202

    Hi, The 6 spoke alloys I have on my 1999 C280 are starting to look rough, 1 was kerbed (before I got the car) and another 2 have small corroded areas. I plan on doing the refurb myself as I have a compressor etc. Do Mercedes sell the correct colour of paint for this or has someone bought...
  16. scottishc280


    I have searched the forum for a simple list of Service A and service B item and also what items (oils) need changed based on milage, brake fluid, sealed for life auto tranny fluid etc but can't find one? The service book is all over the place. Does this list exist? I have made a stab...
  17. scottishc280

    Annual warranty for £99 per year????

    I got my car with a 3 month non MB dealer warranty and have been looking into extending it for longer. I have searched this site and found links to some companies but then I remembered that the last time I renewed my AA cover they offered be a parts and labour package but the car at the time was...
  18. scottishc280

    accelerator pedal adjustment

    Hi folks, I got the car (1999 C280 V6) 1 week ago and find the accelerator "od". :confused: When pulling away from stationary it is difficult to find the point at which you will start to move. Any other automatic car I have had has started to move as soon as you depress the pedal, the...
  19. scottishc280

    Airbag off led in my 1999 c280 sport

    Hi, what is the green led between the driverrs front and rear windows switches in the centre consul? It is on when the engine is first started then goes off immediately. Is this a sensor for the passenger airbag to allow child seats to be used? thanks
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