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  1. carguy

    small dent interior

    Hi, I have somehow managed to dent the metal lid that covers the twin cupholders in the centre console on a 2016 E Class Cabrio. This is presumably the position in which earlier year versions of the same car had the auto gearbox & lever. If I open the metal tray, the cupholders pop-up into...
  2. carguy

    Mercedes benz service plan value ( Amg )

    Bought a 3 month-old ex-demo E class Cabrio in July. Financed some of it on a PCP and was told that in order to preserve the future value of the car (balloon payment), I would need to have Mercedes service the car. Signed-up for the 3 year plan. As each of the yearly services costs £420 (12...
  3. carguy

    new merc fuel consumption

    Just bought an E Class Cabrio E220d 2016 with 3,200 miles on clock from dealer. Beautiful to behold but the mpg they talk about is a long way from the 32mpg I just got on a full tank. Mixed driving, motorway, busy dual carriageway, a little fast driving, much slow driving with stop/start. Far...
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