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    Specialist Southwest Devon and Cornwall

    Any recommendations for an independent specialist in Devon/Cornwall. 2001 CLK320 petrol. Engine is not picking up well on throttle too well and does not run up to top speed. Last garage in Exeter that looked at it and said it was the plugs. Then after changing about 6 (£521) later, and no...
  2. J

    Wanted Audio 10 radio/CD head unit

    Want to change radio/tape to radio/cd in a 2001 CLK320 208. Looking for a working Audio 10 head unit with code hopefully (not sure how it will work otherwise)
  3. J

    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    Garage charged £25 for new seal/plug, so I presume that is not the problem.
  4. J

    Changing Radio/tape to Radio/CD on a w208

    Is Audio 10 the standard Merc unit? Is it best to get one about the same year? Any hints on how to remove from the console?
  5. J

    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    Automatic transmission fluid and filter now changed!! Problem with creep on steep hills still just the same!!! Both in reverse and forward. Garage (decent Merc specialist) who did the fluid change have no answer for it. Not sure if the traction control is working or not, no warnings on the...
  6. J

    Changing Radio/tape to Radio/CD on a w208

    I have standard radio/tape player and would like to change to radio/CD player in a 2001 CLK320 W208 I have the in-boot CD six disc changer and the Bose speaker upgrade system set up. There seem to be a fair number of potential units on Ebay or via breakers. What is the best way to go about...
  7. J

    Nice Designo CL500

    That's a fair premium of at least £1k for a very nice looking limited edition over the going rate for Cl500's on Ebay at the moment. They are really great value for a top spec car if you can keep them running OK.
  8. J

    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    Yes, I guess the gearbox is worth looking after. After that the rev adjustment? Could it be that a dirty MAF sensor can slow the revs down enough to make the gearbox holding on an incline become a problem? No idea on the traction control. No warning messages saying it isn't working. How else...
  9. J

    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    Garage say transmission fluid low (and dirty) so could do with a change (probably never done). However their automatic transmission specialist say that is not likely to be cause of the creep on relatively steep slopes. One strange part of the problem is reversing up a steep slope when the...
  10. J

    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    How much does it cost to replace the MAF. That could be my creep problem on an incline, that or adjust idle by 25rpm
  11. J

    New member with a CLK320

    Strange on the 225's. I have checked many times and should be 245/40's on the rear and 225/45's on the front. Mine has the original 17in AMG's Other tyres I think affect gearing and rev counter. On a different note, how much does MAF cost to change?
  12. J

    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    My CLK has just started the auto gearbox creep on inclines in reverse. Where do you check the fluid level? The handbook says it is a dealer job and shows nothing? I guess the extra 25rpm will help, how do you adjust that?
  13. J

    Recommended mercedes breakers for allow rims

    Thank you. I will try them both.
  14. J

    New Tyres blistering

    Is it just one tyre or both? I had the same a front Mich Primacy HP. Turned out it was the AMG rim, not the tyre. Had a hairline crack which was enough to run out of true. If it is on one side only could be the probelm.
  15. J

    Recommended mercedes breakers for allow rims

    In am looking for a pair of AMG 7.5J alloy rims for 2001 CLK 320. Tyres are 225/45/17 Can anybody recommend good breakers that might stock, or is it just a search on the web? I am in Devon (Plymouth)
  16. J

    Wanted AMG alloy rim 225/45/17 for 2001 CLK 320

    Cracked AMG rim on a 2001 CLK 320. 225/45/17 I have had welded up (only 1 inch crack) but is rumbling and so I think is slightly out of true. Could just about afford one or two, does not matter if lighlty scuffed. Any available please let me know. Jason 07970 458899
  17. J

    Winter tyres in the summer

    My partner has Goodyear winter tyres and half way through the wear lumps of tread have started peeling off the centre of the tyre. Tyres then really noisy, thought it was the wheel bearings at first. We are in the Southwest, so only occasional snow. Howevwer the autoxpress video on the subject...
  18. J

    CLK 230 cabriolet hood stopped working

    Thank you for the advice. That would be great to fix. Please can you help with instructions: where and how?
  19. J

    CLK 230 cabriolet hood stopped working

    Still giving it a bit of help with a push when opening the hood. Still working fine a year later. No change and have not bothered to get it sorted at a garage as would probably cost almost as much as I paid for the car. My partner sometimes get a problem, but it is always the same thing: the...
  20. J

    Cabriolet plastic retaining clip in boot missing

    My roof is not working because one of the small plastic clips to hold the luggage protection thinghy has fallen off and been lost. Anybody know where I can find a replacement.
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