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    C63 not long now

    I'm so jelous! :D I'd love a C63! They have great lines :) I love this picture of the Chromed C63
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    1975 Merc SEL wingmirrors wanted

    Hi all, I'm driving a 1975 SEL and my left hand side wingmirror is dented, I woke up one morning and she was dented. I park outside my house on the kerb and I'm sure it was the binmen! But nobody saw anything so I can't do anything about it! If anyone here has any or knows of anywhere I can...
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    Hi there Bobby Dazzler, No she isn't, she's just a standard SEL. Made in 1975 :) I'll see if I can get some pictures together tonight and post them up. It might take me a bit I'm not too technical like that haha :)
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    Van Insurance - how much!!!

    Hi there, I've just joined the forum, nice to meet you all. I was just having a nosey about the forum and saw what you'd written here, I don't drive a van myself, I just have my 450SEL but a good friend of mine owns a van. He had an accident in it about 13 months ago, his insurance was up for...
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    Hi there everyone, I'm new to the forum, I've seen it before in the internet and I've had a nosey about, thought I'd finally bite the bullet and join :) I own a 450SEL :) She's my baby and I like to take care of her :) Nice to meet you all! Mercerz
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