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    R129 electric boot probs

    Hi have a 1998 280sl boot lock wont work with key. Battery drains with alarm, so have to leave boot open to get at the battery. Are there any good auto electrics firms in the South East??????????
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    r129 electrics

    :mad:my R129 has a flat battery which is in the boot, being unable to get into the boot without power need a jump start point, being a 1998 it dont have one under the hood, any one had this problem before? any help appreciated.
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    1993 190e LE 2.0ltr immaculate.

    1 of 1000 built in rosso red 66000miles 1 owner last 20 years.
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    any1 selling a boxster?

    if your selling a boxster let me know.5-6k cash no high milers please.
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    c200 1 owner 30,800 miles 4500

    Phone david 0779936773
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    seen on ebay

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    Do we need Trident or nuclear weapons?

    the UK has been for many years under the impression it can be the worlds policeman (or should that be person).We are members of NATO and the UN and thats as far as we should go in my opinion.The cost to the tax payer is too much in these modern times,time to look to ourselves and police our own...
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    today at auction.PRICES 4/4/13

    Clk320 a/g 2006 40k £7800. Jag xf 3.0d 240 lux 2011 48k £15900. C180 classic se 2005 40k £5000. E350 b/ef sport 2009 27k £18100 prov. C220 b/ef sport 2010 45k £13000. Cls320 7g 2006 118k £7250. Ml320 cdi sport 2008 56k £16000. L/rover disc 2.7 hse 2004 87k £10650. E320 3.0 cdi a/g...
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    today at auction not many sold.lots of provisionals.

    Lots of choice today.takes a lot of work putting this up one fingered. Sold cars first. E220 estate a/g (pas broke) 2001 329k £500 e320 estate a/g 2004 148k £3950 c200 1.8k a/g se estate 2003 111k £1550 sl350 272 2007 96k £12950 c180 1.8 classic se 2005 62k £3650 e320...
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    todays auction NOT CHEAP

    C63 AMG 08 38K £24800 SOLD E270 CLASSIC 02 117K £3100 SOLD CLC 180K SE 09 48K £8750 PROV C350 ELEEGANCE 08 23K £11600 SOLD E280 A/GARDE 08 21K £10850 PROV CLK200 A/GARDE 05 61K £6450 SOLD RANGE ROVER 3.6TDI VOGUE SE 08 42K £26600 SOLD C180 CLASSIC SE 05 62K £3550...
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    today at auction.PRICES

    C63 AMG ESTATE 09 41K 25100£ CLC220 SPORT 08 51K 8800£ CLK220 A/G 05 89K 5600£ ML320 CDI SPORT 05 97K 9650£ C180 A/G SE 03 147K 1450£ C320 3.0 CDI ESTATE SPORT 08 50K 12800£ C180 COUPE 1.8K SE 07 39K 7000 B200 CDI SPORT 08 73K 7700£ C220 B/E SPORT 2010 35K 14200£ VIANO 2.1...
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    reg numbers from DVLA unsold lots from last auction

    ou are able to buy lots for the reserve price. Just click the Buy button next to the lot you wish to purchase. A 10% deposit for the registration mark will be taken from the card details you provided when registering for the auction. Lot No Registration Price Buy 3 1980 AA £ 2600 Buy...
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    what merc's have you owned.which was best?

    Was today thinking back at all the MB's I have owned over the years,and thought it would be nice to swap storys. In 1970 i bought a 220 se Cabrio 1963 model.Paid £975 and wish i still had her. In 1979 i bought a 280 se saloon 1968 model loved her. By 1981 had moved to a 350 slc bit...
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    todays auction results 13-03-13

    b180 2.0 cdi 2007 44000m £7050 clk200k 1.8 69000m 2005 £5250 c200 2.1 cdi classic se 2007 89000m £5750 e270 cdi a/garde 72000m 2004 £4600 c220 2.1 cdi sport 2008 63000m £10800 e220 blue/eff se 2010 76000m £12450 e320 3.0 cdi a/garde 100,000m 2007 £7050 e220 2.2 cdi a/garde sat nav.2007...
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    sold at auction today 12-3-13

    A150 2007 20,000MILES A/GARDE £4750 C180 52reg 54000 MILES 7SERVICE STAMPS £3100 C180 AUTO SATNAV 50,000 MILES 2008 £8600 C250 2.1 CDI SPORT 111,000 MILES 2009 £10350 C180 1.6K SE 2010 29000 MILES £10550 E200 CDI 2009 83000 MILES MANUAL £12400 HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE.geoff
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    owners manual w211 e220 for sale

    have on ebay a new owners manual starting ar 1.99p.;)
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    e220 2004 how much oil?

    am taking delivery of a E220 CDI 2004 and wanted to know how much oil she takes including replacing filter? any help please.also what should i put in the transmission if i drain and change that? thanks:wallbash:
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