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    Looking for AMG GT Roadster owner

    Thanks Missy. My E320 is running perfectly at the moment. No problems at all (knock on wood).
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    Looking for AMG GT Roadster owner

    I'm working on behalf of a German agency on this project so I don't have a direct contact at MB.
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    Looking for AMG GT Roadster owner

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’m currently working on a campaign for Mercedes-Benz to find owners of the AMG GT Roadster to feature in a series of social media films. They’d just be short portraits of owners, telling the viewer why they bought the car, what they love about...
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    Hello from me and my E320 Coupé

    Hello all, First car forum I've joined so please be gentle with me. Bought a 1996 E320 Coupé a few months back – I've wanted one for twenty years. Mine's a beautiful example, great bodywork and interior but it's been an absolute nightmare so far with all number of 'the dreaded' wiring...
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