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    Diesel injectors 642 CDI

    I am after some help here. I am buying a couple of injectors for my car and the bosch part number is 0445115064 but the shop is trying to give me 0445115063. They are telling me that the two are the same. Is this correct or are they different. Would I need to change all of them. I know that they...
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    W204 C350 Sport Brakes

    I have just been smartening up the front brake calipers on my C350 and was removing the black front calipers cover that has the Mercedes - Benz logo on it. This just pushes on with two pins into the calipers. Well one pin was seized in solid and has broken off. My question is do mercedes sell...
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    W210 self levelling oil

    Does anyone know what oil is used in the self levelling system on the W210 E Class as I want to change the filter and oil
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    C 220cdi crank pulley

    Has anyone heard of the crank pulley letting go. Just had a friends 2012 plate disintegrate.
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    7G overfill

    I put my car into mercedes today for 7g auto box oil and filter change today and the muppets overfilled it to the point of it all spewing out the breather on the way home. I returned to the dealer who drained some off but now I don't know if the level is high or low. I will be returning on...
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    Brake pedal adjustment

    Hi. Is it possible to adjust the height of the brake pedal? On my W204 I find that the brake pedal is too high and would be more comfortable if it was just a little lower
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    W204 brake pedal adjustment

    Hi. Is it possible to adjust the height of the brake pedal? On my W204 I find that the brake pedal is too high and would be more comfortable if it was just a little lower
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    C270 cdi heater booster

    I am having trouble with the heater booster on my C270 but I can't locate it. Am I right in thinking its on the passenger side of the engine.
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    C270 CDI 4amp Battery drain

    I have an intermitant battery drain that I am tring to track down. Car parked locked with bonnet up it rests at 0.02amps but sometimes it will show 0.02 amps then go up to 4.00 amps without touching any thing. So I start to pull fuses but then on its own it drops back to the 0.02amps it's...
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    SBC problem

    Just helped a friend of mine fit a second hand SBC unit on his E Class. All has gone well but there is a strange outcome. No faults on the dash, no faults on the star machine but on hard braking the ABS is not working and if you give it a bootfull you can just smoke the rear tyres so the ESP is...
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    W203 Battery drain

    Ok I have a C270 CDI and a few weeks ago I had a flat battery in the morning. Got it started and drove to work. Over the next two weeks I check the battery drain and it's been 0.04 amps. Then today same again flat. Had about an hour to check it out and found a drain of 5 amps. Pulled a few fuses...
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    Oil dipstick measurement

    I have a mercedes oil dipstick tool for my W203.261 engine 612.962. I can't find the mm measurements for my engine in WIS. All I need is the full and min Any help?
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    W203 brakes ticking

    I have a W203 estate and I have a noise that's driving me mad. It is just like a stone in the tyre but there is no stone. It is worse when braking. I have just changed the front pads and discs and it is still there. Can't tell if it's front or rear but if I drive past things with the window open...
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    W203 Comand Speed Pulse

    Hi I have retrofitted a Comand 2.0 in my 2002 C270 Estate and I cant find the speed pulse wire that is meant to be a blck/green wire taped up in the left sill area. I have located a taped up green / black wire but it is one of a pair the other being a yellow / black both terminating in an unused...
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    C 270 CDI Idle problem

    I have just started getting an idle problem on the car when hot. The engine RPM will throb up and down slightly. The car runs great and no codes on the star machine. It will do it more if you blip the throttle them let it idle after about 30 seconds it will settle down until you blip it again...
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    Air in deisal won't start

    Just replaced the inlet manifold on my C270 CDI now I can't get it to start. There is air in the fuel from fuel filter. I have been cranking with no joy. If I put a vacuum on the line and draw fuel it is full of bubbleany ideas
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    SRS Light on C270 CDI

    My 2002 C270 has an intermitant SRS light. Code fault is High resitstance to driver side airbag squib. This started when I moved the passenger seat back and I think this must of caused a bad connection. Can someone tell me if the feed does route under passenger seat and if so is it one of the...
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    C250 Turbodiesel

    A couple of time as I went to pull away from a juction push the throttle and Nothing, just sit there idling. Try again and away you go. No fault codes. Should I be looking at the TPS?
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    270CDI Alternater Clutch

    I thought that I would post this as I have just cured a fault that has bugged me for a year. The symptoms were a yelp from the fan belt as the engine was switched off, rough noisey idle the belt flapping at idle along its longest free length and belt squeal at idle when useing the steering. I...
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