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  1. Parisien

    1996 SL320 Timing chain cover leak/gasket.

    Thanks GP801, sounds as if its all down to poor design and failure guaranteed to happen! P
  2. Parisien

    1996 SL320 Timing chain cover leak/gasket.

    This is off a USA site, correct name and number? Mercedes A 1040150220 Gasket Front Cover to Crankcase P
  3. Parisien

    1996 SL320 Timing chain cover leak/gasket.

    Sound advice, gasket still available from Mercedes though? Correct part name? Cheers P
  4. Parisien

    1996 SL320 Timing chain cover leak/gasket.

    I'd noticed a leak from this area sometime ago and tried a clean and sealant type fix to no avail, plus a fix article noted that it usually isn't the gasket but a poor interface generally see link.
  5. Parisien

    R129 red oil - cambridgeshire

    I read a few more posts and that dipstick isn't used to measure the amount of fluids in the gearbox, apparently you have use a longer garage supplied stick is this true or? The (gearbox?)oil cooler is separate to gearbox, gasket or hose gives the bother, difficulty of fix or cost? P
  6. Parisien

    R129 red oil - cambridgeshire

    Long time no see forum, not had the SL 320 out for nearly 20 months :(, only did less than 400 miles since last MOT, noticed a large patch of red tinged fluid towards rear of engine bay on garage floor, ran the car for 30 mins last week, and did a pre MOT check before it had an MOT today which...
  7. Parisien

    how to check the automatic transmission fluid w202 1995

    Noting theres no gearbox oil dipstick in my 1999 C230 Kompressor, whats the best way to measure same or do I have to buy one, other options considered of course! Searched on google but not yet come across another way to do it yet. P
  8. Parisien

    Is she also included?

    Price is a bit over inflated, a bit like the bird! P
  9. Parisien

    C230K w202 Trackday car

    Multiples of?! P
  10. Parisien


    Very tasty, wonder where it will end up price wise, its about 2 NZ$ to £, guessing it could be north of £8k! P
  11. Parisien

    R129 - 1996 - Fuse 13 - Multi relay intermittent issue

    I had a W124 coupe with similar issues, advised to swop out relay N10 I believe it was from memory, it was an 1989 model mind you. P
  12. Parisien

    Project C43 W202

    Great read, especially noting you're learning as you go along plus not skimping on anything. As long as main platform not too rusty and no major cutting and welding you should be fine. Roll on 2018! P
  13. Parisien

    W124 Slow Idle speed

    Is it a bit lumpy on start up/going? If it was the cold start valve I'd assume you'd be cranking it over quite a bit before it would start, not entirely sure theres an adjustment. P
  14. Parisien

    About to buy 1994 W202

    Welcome to the very "youngtimer" club as our continental friends would say! I've just bought two in the last month, one a 1996 C180 the second a 1999 C230 sport compressor estate. Check list for this particular model are as follow IMHO> 1. Rust - in all four wings, boot floor, bottoms of...
  15. Parisien

    Water ingress

    Had this in my 1999 C Class, turned out to be the windscreen drain which had years of decayed leaf debris blocking the "flap" protected end of drain, cleaned it out and removed said flap! Firstly I had to remove plastic scuttle panel, then a further piece of plastic, allowed me access to said...
  16. Parisien

    Changing break pads- best place, price and brand?

    Is that the correct spelling of dislexia even.........:confused: P
  17. Parisien

    Changing break pads- best place, price and brand?

    At two years old, keeping it within MBs network is important for most, however, at £300 they are taking the provebial, you can get online quotes, print off take in and ask them to match? Personally, I'd buy OEMS pads, take them to a good indie, still have service book/maintenance book stamped...
  18. Parisien

    Best value/warranty for a TYPE 017 battery?

    Thanks again for the clarity and endorsements P
  19. Parisien

    Best value/warranty for a TYPE 017 battery?

    So it appears........thanks! P
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