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    HELP please with these flashing green and red lights

    Hi Giles - I've got same problem engine cranks but will not fire and red/green flashing lights on mirror. I suspect either CPS or Immobiliser. Did you get yours disabled? If so how?
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    C280 1995 wont start

    1nevster have you solved this as I have exactly the same symptoms on an Nreg C280 W202? I think it's got to be either the Crank Position Sensor or Immobiliser.
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    W202 cranks ok but no spark or injector pulse

    Already disconnected/reconnected battery but makes no difference. How can I disable the immobiliser?
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    W202 cranks ok but no spark or injector pulse

    Problem occurred twice whilst driving (lost all power) but car re-started immediately, unfortunately now it's gone terminal! No warning lights on dash - don't know if any error messages have been generated (don't have a reader). Suspect Crankshaft Sensor or Immobiliser is faulty. Whilst cranking...
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